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Stop Deforestation

Deforestation, It occurs at a fast speed. fast enough that in 100 years the rain forests could completely vanish. more than 20% of oxygen that is produced in the world naturally will cease production. Millions of species would die from loss of habitats also less greenhouse

gasses will be absorbed increasing the rate of global warming.

Deforestation isn't directly impacting us since we are the ones causing the trees to "disappear" but since there is less oxygen being produced and organisms dying from loss of habitat we have less food and less breathable air.

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70% of earths land animals live in forests, removing those animals would die from the loss of habitat or make it harder for them to survive due to competing for resources.

Deforestation can occur anywhere with trees. it happens everywhere, with the constant growth of cities its almost impossible to stop. In our city, League city, it happens slowly but could gain speed with the amount of residential areas being built.

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Ways to Stop Deforestation

solutions made to combat deforestation is polices for developing countries that reward for lessening deforestation, stopping/preventing forest fires is another way people have stopped deforestation, and other policies made to close the market for illegally sourced wood (still needs better implementation and enforcement.

My solution is to designate area for trees to grow and be cut down. If implemented now it would take years to have a somewhat effective influence but is better than causing the extinction of many species and possibly the human race.

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