Steve Jobs

The CEO of Apple


His first triumph was when he and Steve Wozniak made their first computer in his garage. Another one is when he helped Pixar when the company wasn't doing so well. He then went back to Apple to make it a better company.


An obsticle Steve Jobs had to face was pancreotic cancer. He was surviving it for eight years, but then it killed him. He was given up for adoption by his parents. He dropped out of college and was living in a friends dorm room. He was fired from the business he started.

Career Goals

He wanted to lead the industry in computers and he wanted to change the world with the Macintosh.

Why Apple is so Great

Eventhough Apple products aren't special and somewhat worse than other products, the company is very popular. Steve Jobs uses empathy to know what a customer feels and how to make the customerfeel better about the product. He also used customer imput to know what customers want in a product and how to present it. He was very focused on the customer and eliminated unimportant opportunities to not get distracted.