NEWS & Reminders

Enrollment for 1.11 to 1.22 DUE on Wednesday 1.6 midnight

Enrollment Calendars for the next two weeks are DUE by Wednesday

The next 2 week enrollment calendar will cover Jan. 11 to Jan. 22

All Enrollments that are submitted on time will be honored- Late enrollments can be accepted as space allows. Full Day space will be limited!

If there is a box available to check - then you are welcome to attend!

If you go beyond Jan. 22 and pay- you are LOCKED IN to those sessions!

You will not be credited back for mistakes in your submissions.

Please choose your sessions carefully!

SHORT- Summer Survey about our Summer Activities!

We would LOVE to hear your feedback!
This way we can make our summer program the BEST that we've ever had!
It will only take you 5-8 minutes.

Thank you for taking the time to do this!


What we have planned for 2016

January 15th is a Full Day- We will go to Golden Corral to enjoy a buffet lunch of our own choice! Personal Electronics are allowed today! We will also enjoy group games in the gym and the cafe- It will be an all around fun day!

$40 Lunch Provided

January 18th -BASE CLOSED

February 12th is a Full Day- There are no buses available today, so we will stay onsite for Mutli-Media Day! Bring your Personal Electronics- play games! Make movies, & win Prizes! We will have board game time too! Gym time will be available throughout the day.

$30 Pizza Lunch Provided

February 15th -BASE CLOSED


March 18th to April 1st We have many activities planned!
Our Menu of Events will be Available by Feb. 13th

18th Alamo Zootopia Movie- $40 Bring a Lunch

21st K-2 Nickel a play/ 3+ Putt-putt golf- $40 Pizza Lunch Provided

22nd Themed day @GRE- $30 Bring a Lunch

23rd Bowling @AMC- $40 Bring a Lunch

24th Themed day @GRE- $30 Bring a Lunch

25th Peak Athletics Split by grade- $40 Bring a Lunch

28th Casa Bonita- $40 Lunch Provided

29th Drama Themed day @GRE- $30 Bring a Lunch

30th Dart Warz Split by grade- $40 Bring a Lunch

31st Themed day @GRE- $30 Bring a Lunch

April 1st The Island- $40 Lunch Provided

April 22nd is a Full Day- We will go to Laser Tag at Laser Quest! We are splitting by age for the games- but will be at the same location at the same times. We will round out our day with seated Cafeteria activities and games in the gym.

$40 Bring a Lunch


For more events please check out our Upcoming Events Page on the GRE BASE website.

You can see when enrollments are due- see what Trips and themes we have planned!

-Destinations are subject to change due to weather conditions or transportation issues-