Bangor West November 23, 2021

Imagine * Inspire * Innovate

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West Winter Game Night

Come join us on November 30th from 5:00-6:00 for some fun math games. You can learn how to play the games and get the items you need to continue to play at home.

School of Choice Window is Open

Our schools of choice window is now open until Friday, December 3th. If you know of someone who wants to be a Bobcat, have them sign up now!

Parents in Action meeting

Join us on December 6th at 5:00 in our library to finalize plans for our Gingerbread Houses. We will need some parents to help support our students on December 16th for our Gingerbread House day by preparing and cleaning stations.

School store

If you are interested in purchasing Bangor West items, please make sure your order is in by December first. The link to the website is HERE.

Walk to Win Fundraiser

Thank you for all of your help and support with our Walk to Win Fundraiser. Despite losing to Michigan State, Michigan prevailed in our fundraiser which accumulated $7,910.50. This will be used to support our book vending machine and other needs around our building along with activities and incentives for our students.


If you are looking for ways to volunteer for our school, we could use your help with our school library. If you are willing to volunteer, please call the office.

Students of the Week


Mrs. Eckerd – Ethan Banks

Mrs. Hayward – Landon Taylor

Mrs. Kieliszewski – Oakley Killey

Mr. Mrozinski – Alonzo Hugo

Mrs. Arnold – Camden Jackson

Ms. Herr – Aubree Kontranowski

Mrs. LaBelle – Dominic Winchell

Mrs. Schomaker – Madyson Ellison

Mrs. Lemuel – Annabella Reinbold

Ms. Nelson – Abbigale Price

Ms. Kanicki – Eddie Peglow

Mrs. Lewis – Jordan Johnson


Mrs. Eckerd – Bria Feinauer

Mrs. Hayward – Lillian Dewaele

Mrs. Kieliszewski – Zayne Gordon

Mr. Mrozinski – Falyn Ritter

Mrs. Arnold – Charley Vermeesch

Ms. Herr – Marcelo Martinez

Mrs. LaBelle – Mira Hopkins

Mrs. Schomaker – Kylie Krause

Mrs. Lemuel – Rowan Atha

Ms. Nelson – Emma Getchell

Ms. Kanicki – Emily Eickholt

Mrs. Lewis – Victoria Padilla

Label items/clothing

Parents, please remember to label all items especially jackets and coats as they are the items kids leave behind most often.

Upcoming dates

November 30 - Math Night at West

December 3 - End of trimester 1

December 16 - Gingerbread houses with classmates

December 20 - Holiday break begins

Other Contacts

Bangor West Elementary – 684-3373 Fax 686-8214

Mr. Craig Pfenninger, Principal – ext. 6202

Mrs. Linda Minnis, Secretary – ext. 6201

Mr. Charlie Putnam, Student Service Coordinator – ext. 6235

Mrs. Melissa Srebinski, Behavior Intervention Coordinator – ext. 6231

Transportation – 684-6150

Edison Administration Building – 684-8121