Akela's Tales

Pack 335 - February 19, 2016

Pinewood Derby

Start up your engines! This year's cars all look extremely fast, so don't blink or you'll miss 'em! We'll race den by den, culminating a final race with the top 8 cars.

6:00 PM - Pizza and treats!
6:15 PM - Post Colors
6:20 PM - Short talk time
6:30 PM - Race begins!
8:00 PM - Retire Colors

If you have any unpaid dues, or have yet to turn in health forms, please bring them along!

Upcoming Pack Events

February 21st 1:00-2:30PM - Hiking Club - Blackwell North

Meet in the McKee Marsh parking lot: https://goo.gl/maps/2JxAY7HNqqj

March 13th 1:00-2:30PM Hiking Club - Churchill Woods

March 18th 6:30PM Blue & Gold Dinner - Gary Church

March 20th 12:00-3:00PM Climbing Wall - Ackerman Sport & Fitness Center

USS Cobia Overnight - Saturday April 30

The Wisconsin Maritime Museum's USS Cobia Overnight Education Program offers people a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience first-hand a taste of submarine life. The program offers not only an educational alternative to the traditional camp-out, it also facilitates an appreciation of history and insight into a unique time in America's past.

Spots are limited. Contact Julie Carlson to reserve your Scout's spot.

Cost $44 per person ($88 for a parent and a Scout), there is a patch available for additional cost at the museum shop. The program/tour runs from about 7:45 pm until about 11 pm, and Scouts have to be cleared out of the ship by 8:30 am the following morning. No meals are provided but there will be time for a snack before bed if you wish to bring one. Below is the web link for the Cobia Group overnight information.

Cub Scout Summer Camps

Cub Scout summer camps offer fun activities for Scouts such as BB shooting, archery, games, sports, nature activities, crafts, science activities, and Scout skills. Most of the camp activities are focused towards the Cub Scouting program, which allows the Scouts to make progress towards their next rank while having fun!

There are many great options for summer camps for your Scouts. Nearby day camps and twilight camps are available for all ranks, and an overnight camp at Camp Freeland Leslie is available for all Webelos ranks (including the current Bear ranks, who will become Webelos in May).

For a list of Cub Scout available camps offered visit this page here: http://threefirescouncil.org/index.php/outdoor/cub-scout-summer-camps

Finally, Scouts that want to help finance their camp registration fees can sell "Camp Cards" which offer great discounts at various businesses. The cards sell for $5 each and the Scouts earn 50% of each card sold.

Health Forms

Health forms are needed for all Scouts and need to be updated every year. Download this fillable PDF and you can review and turn it in every year.


Calling All Wolf & Tiger Scout Parents

All of the following roles are currently covered by parents of older ranks. The future of your Scout's pack depends on the parents of the Wolf and Tiger ranks growing into the leadership positions. Please carefully consider shadowing current leaders to take on one of the following positions. Feel free to contact Julie Noordhoek with any questions about these roles.

We need your help with the following positions:

  • Akela's Tales
  • Sporting Events Coordinator

A huge thanks to our recent volunteers:

  • Kim Pavicich - Advancement Coordinator
  • Mike Oswald - Pinewood Derby Commissioner

Thank you so much for your help!

Congratulations to our Religious Emblem recipients

The following Scouts earned their Religious Emblems at Gary Church. Each Scout attended 4 sessions exploring and learning about their religion, culminating in an award which was delivered during the Scout Sunday service at Gary Church.

  • Elliott Fiorato
  • Harvey Fiorato
  • Will Klotz
  • Jack Mathis
  • Ben Styrkowicz
  • Andrew Welninski

The Religious Emblem is one of only a few square knots that a Cub Scout can earn. Congratulations to these boys on their accomplishment!


DEN 10 - Tiger

Zach Benshoof - Tiger Bites Adventure; Grant Blatner - Tiger Bites Adventure; Owen Doty - Tiger Bites Adventure; Elliott Fiorato - Tiger Bites Adventure; Brody McCormac - Team Tiger Adventure, Tiger Bites Adventure; Michael Medanic - Team Tiger Adventure, Tiger Bites Adventure; Luke Oswald - Tiger Bites Adventure; Ben Shimp - Team Tiger Adventure, Tiger Bites Adventure

DEN 9 - Tiger

Declan Coffey - My Family's Duty to God Adventure

DEN 6 - Wolf

Shane Dillon - Cyber Chip; Ari Grein - Council Fire Adventure; Foster Priebe - Duty to God Footsteps Adventure, Running with the Pack Adventure

DEN 7 - Bear

Jack Mathis - Fellowship and Duty to God Adventure; David Shimp - Grin and Bear It Adventure

DEN 8 - Bear

Ryan Busse - Fellowship and Duty to God Adventure

DEN 2 - Webelos I

Benjamin Adkins - Engineer Adventure; Nolan Arshad - Engineer Adventure; Luke Baker - Engineer Adventure; Harvey Fiorato - Engineer Adventure, Duty to God in Action Adventure, Cub Scout Outdoor Activity Award (Webelos), Webelos Walkabout Adventure; Matthew Hurtado - Build It Adventure, Engineer Adventure

DEN 3 - Webelos I

Andrew Kammerzell - Cyber Chip; Sam Noordhoek - Cyber Chip, First Responder Adventure; Russell Styrkowicz - Cyber Chip; Caleb Watson - Cyber Chip