By: Pranav Govin

The Basics of Islam

In the religion Islam, the followers are called Muslims and the worship leaders is called Imam which is the worship leader or mullah which means teacher. They worship at Mosques and one of their holy cities is Jerusalem where the Dome of the Rock is located, this is where muhammed ascended to the heavens.Their holy book is called the Qu'ran. They have 6 major beliefs that is the belief in Allah, belief in Angels, belief in Prophets, belief in Holy Books, belief in the Day of Judgement, and belief in Pedestination. A few holidays they celebrate are Ramadan which is when they celebrate Allah giving Muhammad a message by fasting for the whole month. Another holiday is Eid al Fitr when they celebrate the end of Ramadan by giving gifts and food to family. One of their rituals are the five pillars of faith which are Shahada (declaration of peace), Salat (prayer), Zakat (giving to the needy), Siyam (fasting during Ramadan), Hajj (pilgramage, or journey, to the city of Mecca at least once in a lifetime). There is religious figure who is common to Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. This religious figure is the god of Abraham. All these religions are monotheistic religions which only believes in one god.