Standing on My Knees

Special Prayer Request * February 5, 2016

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"Taking Our Pain to the Cross"

Would you join me in praying as we lead 6-9 young men and 1 young woman in taking the pain that we have been unveiling and sharing about to the cross of Christ?

Tomorrow night, February 5, my psychologist friend Marina and I will be leading this group to reflect on the things in their lives, write out all their pains on a slip of paper, then bring it to the cross of Jesus. Some of these young adults are believers, others aren't, yet we have come so far in the last five lessons over the past three weeks. We have been tilling some very hard (and sometimes sarcastic) soil over this period. We have been building trust. They have been opening up more.

Pray that they will pour our their hearts to the Lord, entrusting Him with their pain and asking for healing.

Pray for the Lord to give us special ideas to lead them into this time (we didn't tell them much about it). It be great to have something creative to do that will lead up to this ceremony.

Pray for a spirit of unity, love and respect for one another. Most all of them live together in another part of the building we are doing the group in, so you can imagine how they can often be in each others spaces (and faces!), so we deal with a fair amount of crowd control and showing respect for one another.

Pray for the Holy Spirit to be evident, Jesus' offer to take their pain clear and welcome, and the Father's love to be received by all of these who had poor or non-existent fathers in their lives.

Thank you for "standing on your knees" with us for these young men and women.


Background pic: One young man's expression of his worries/grief. There is an obvious desire for a happy family. (sorry for the tilt)

If you have any words of encouragement to share with these young folks, please drop me a note and I will pass it on to them...

Thank you!

Thank you for joining us in prayer in being the hands and feet and heart of Jesus in these young lives.

This young man longs for his birth family who has rejected him. Pray that he would know Jesus and have his identity in Him.