POHW Before & after poster

by Ilana Thommen

1) Holli's outlook on life

In the begin ,Hollis is sad lonely after running away from several foster homes .In the end,she is happy to be a part of the end,she is happy to be a part of the regan's family.

p.165 "i have a last name now. its Regan.And i love the sound of it.

2) Josie's Home

In the beginning,Josie lives a lone just whit Henry her Cat .Than Hollis appears and her live change she needs to have more responsibility.At the end of the book she lives whit Beatrice her best friend. And Hollis lifs wiht the regan's.

P.161 "I'll move right in whit Josie.

3) Regan's live

The Regan's every time did wish a big family.They had Steven and they lost one'c a kid. Izzy every time did wish a daughter and then Hollis did lift there they did adopted her and did feel like a family.At the end of the story they get a 6 month old daughter and Hollis get's a sister.

p.166 it's because i'm holding my sister

4) The Mustard woman and Hollis

The Mustard woman and Hollis don't have the best friend ship.And that means they don't like each other.At the end they even smile sometimes and when she visit Hollis !

page:165 They show up regularly and say hello ,nodding and smiling as if they were the ones who changed my whole life.

5) Hollis Trusting

In the beginning Hollis did never trust some one and just ran away and did never trust someone.Both something did change.She did started to do relation ship between the Regans and Josie.

p.166 'the w picture dosent mach anymore

6) Beatrice & Josie

They are BFF and they are still.Both at the end they even live together.

p.161 "i'll move right in whit josie'

7) Josie & Memmory

Josie had and still haves problems with remembering.She loses the memory and at the end she sometimes even forget who Hollis is.Both Beatric helps her the best she can's.

p.165 'Josie do sent remember exactly who i am anymore.