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The November Review

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November in Review

November is in the rearview mirror, and Holiday break is right around the corner! In between unwrapping gifts and winter activities, there is plenty of time to lose yourself in a good book. Encourage your children to visit the school or public library and pick up a couple of books to read over the break. I've included a list of Holiday break activities gathered by Elizabeth Kelley, the district's Technology Integration specialist, below.

In November, the library took on a few initiatives: Updating the library website, collection inventory, and student book recommendations.

Have you been to the library website recently? A lot has changed since the start of the year. Students and parents can now find links to our eBook collection, research databases, and catalog. My favorite additions are the digital book display and Currently Reading sections. Go take look! Feedback and suggestions are welcome from both students and guardians.

Inventory: 45% of materials accounted for (so far)...

It's not very exciting, but doing an annual inventory is very important for the overall health of the library's materials collection. In the history of the KPMS library, it is unclear if an inventory has ever been conducted. A collection analysis run earlier this fall reported just over 8000 materials in the school library's collection. Completing an inventory will verify that number and allow me to remove titles and copies from the catalog that no longer exist due to loss, theft, or destruction.

An inventory benefits students by providing a more accurate catalog and better browsing experiences. The benefit to the library program is a current and credible statistical analysis of the library materials that will allow me to replace missing titles and refresh aged materials according to need.

Holiday break activities

November Snapshot

  • The library circulated 181 Fiction Titles
  • The library circulated 50 Non-Fiction Titles
  • The library circulated 86 Graphic Novels
  • Mr. Cannon hosted an orientation for parent volunteers in the library

Interested in being a Parent Volunteer in the library?