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Ian Renner Cape Town: 3 Easy Fashion Tips For Men

Keeping up with the latest fashion trends can be time consuming, confusing and expensive. Following a few simple tips and tricks of the fashion trade will help any guy to keep his style up to date and looking sharp without breaking the bank.

1. Keep things simple and timeless.

Build your wardrobe with pieces that are classic and will stand the test of time instead of trendy items that will fall out of fashion within a year. Focus on clean lines and staple articles. A neutral colored sport jacket is a great start for any man’s closet; it can be paired with other items to add a professional touch. Then add trendier accents, like a sweater in this season’s popular color, to keep the wardrobe fun and up to date.

2. Fit can make all the difference.

Even the most expensive and well-made clothes can look terrible if they don’t fit properly. Finding clothes in the right size and shape for your body type will make them look like they were made for you, whether they are designer or from a second-hand store. As a rule of thumb make sure everything you wear is almost hugging your body without being too tight or uncomfortable. This will allow for the most flattering lines and best fit.

3. Get a second opinion.

Don’t go shopping alone. Bring along a partner, friend, or family member and ask for their feedback on what looks good; this is especially necessary if you are going to experiment with new or different styles. Not all salespeople will be honest because they may work on commission and want to make the sale above all else. Bringing along someone who will be honest and whose opinion you can trust will help you to make an informed choice and avoid spending hours in the dressing room wondering if a look works on you.

Ian Renner of Cape Town has been interested in making fashion easy for men for years and uses these tips to keep his wardrobe up to date and budget friendly.

Making a Low-Budget Science Fiction Movie Wardrobe

In the entertainment business, there are budgets that have to be worked around. Certain types of arrangements need to be kept at a minimum to ensure that the budget does not become an issue. There are human resources that have to be utilized and that can cost money. There are also production costs in video editing. Sometimes there will be a genre for a set that will require a good dose of creativity. Whatever type of condition a set designer may find themselves in they have to work things out for the production.

The first thing that needs to happen is the gathering of materials to create the set. Materials are often obtainable at reasonable costs. But there are more challenges present when the set calls for a science-fiction theme. The production will require research and imagination for a creative set to work. Some people utilize many different materials that typically would never be used. In science-fiction, there needs to be proper lighting and background for things to work out. Spray paint is often a great way to give an authentic look to a set.

Wardrobes can also become a challenge. Most wardrobes can be purchased through the Internet. Sometimes they can be altered with materials that can be found just about anywhere. In the original Star Wars, the pilots of rebel alliance were wearing orange overalls from correctional facilities with customized pilot helmets found at surplus stores. Ian Renner is an experienced set designer from Cape Town that has experience with low-budget science fiction productions.