Elements Of An Epic: The Odyssey

By: Whitley Word

Element 1. The Hero

The main charecter in an epic always has a supernatural power or friends that do.

Odysseus dose not have any special poweres, but he has befriended the goddes Athena.

The main charecter also completes taskes a normal man could not.

Odysseus fights off monsters ,cheates death, and defies odds by killing 108 men.

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Element 2. Setting

In an epic the setting usualy spans out over nations, worlds, diffrent universes, and even space and time.

Odysseus spends ten years traveling the oceans and islands inbetween ceans inbetween Troy and Ithica. He even traveled to the underworld.

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Element 3. Acts of Courage and Valor

The main charactor in an epic complets acts of courage and valor throughout the story.

Odysseus complets many acts of valor and courage throughout the odyssey using his intelegents and strength.

Element 4. Style

The writing style of an epic is very formal and is very detailed.

The Odyssey is a perfect example of this because of of the detal Homer puts into the description and simalys.

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Element 5. Supernatural forces

An epic will most likely involue some sort of supernatural force.

The Odyssey contains many forms of supernatural forces. To list a few, Scylla, gods, goddeses, cyclops, sirens, calypso, and lotus Eaters.

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