Augusto Pinochet


Early life background

Pinochet was born in Valparaiso, Chile on November 25, 1915. He attended the local schools and was pushed by his mother to go into the military field. He later attended Military Academy and graduated in 1936. He studied Infantry School, The War Academy, and National Defense Academy.

Rise to Power

Pinochet's interest in the Military brought him to much experience in war and the battle field where he served in the war of the pacific which was between Chile and Peru. Later, in 1973, he was appointed the commander in chief of the Chilean Military by the current leader; Allende. After being appointed, he planned an attack on the capitol of Chile where he bombed it and overthrew Allende; the leader at the time. This put him in the position of leader of Chile where he had total power over the people.

Total Control

Once he became leader, he had total control over the people and anyone who went against him would be arrested and/or exiled. During the next 3 years he arrested 130,000 people and sent them into exile. Due to this total control, many people opposed his rule and in 1986 there was a failed assassination attempt which showed how much the people disliked him as a ruler.

Visual Element

This is an image of a political cartoon of Augusto Pinochet and how he was in control of the people in his rein as dictator. When he arrested the opposing people, he exiled them instead of executing them which is why he says: "This is how they thank me for not killing them all?!" Later in his control, he realized how discontent the people were with him as leader. Finally, he stepped down from president in 1990 and he was was put to trial in 2001. Later on, in 2002 all charges were dropped.

Essential Question

How was Pinochet able to stay in power during his long time in power?

Creative Piece

P- Powerful leader

I- Important role in Chile

N- Nobody could overthrow him

O- Opposition of his rule

C - Commander in chief

H - Heavy military background

E - Exiled 130,000 people

T - The most powerful Chilean leader in history

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