Questions about how animals see

Read pages 6-8 in Animal Senses with a partner.

What words are usually found at the beginning of questions?

1. Discuss question words with your partner.

2. Make a list of question words on paper with your partner.

3. Create an Educreation Presentation on your iPad. Insert your picture into the slide, and place a light bulb above your head. Place the question words all around your picture on your slide.

4. Save your slide and then take a screen shot, and send it to Mrs. Allcott on google drive.


Vocabulary Activity

1. Have your partner tell you the meaning of the vocabulary words. Look the up on your Webster Dictionary app if you don't know.

2. Act out the meaning of the words to your partner.

What is one thing you learned from the reading today?

1. Go and tell Mrs. Allcott one thing you learned about how animals see.