Literary Terms Project

Maddie McCormick | Block 3

Story 3 | Extra Credit: The Gift

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Literary Term 1: Point of View

"The boy was waiting for them in the Terminal room. Walking toward him, after their unsuccessful clash with the Interplanetary officials, the mother and father whispered to each other." -pg.259

Point of View is the vantage point from which the author tells a story.

This story is told in third person limited because we only know the thoughts and feelings of the boy and nobody else. Plus, the words I, me and my are not used so it cannot be first person.

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Literary Term 2: Setting

"The rocket moved and left fire behind and left Earth behind on which the date is December 24th, 2052, heading out into a place where there was no time at all, no month, no year, no hour." -pg.260

The setting is the time and location where the story takes place.

The story takes place in a rocket in space, where the boy is on Christmas Eve. On Christmas Day, he is still in space, however, he can see all of the gifts that he had to leave behind from the observatory.

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Literary Term 3: Character

"It was the boy's first flight in space, his very first time in a rocket, and they wanted everything to be perfect. So when, at the customs table, they were forced to leave behind his gift, which exceeded the weight limit by no more than a few ounces, and the little tree with the lovely white candles, they felt themselves deprived of the season and their love." -pg.259

Character is a human or animal in a story.

The boy is the main character in the story because he are in his point of view, even though we are in third person limited. He is the one that changes in emotion throughout the story. His parents are supporting characters because we don't know much about them.

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Literary Term 4: Foreshadowing

"They stepped into the room and the door shut, and the room was very dark indeed. And before them loomed a great glass eye, the porthole, a window four feet high and six feet wide, from which they could look out into space." -pg.261

Foreshadowing is when the author you hints about something that will happen later in the story.

The author gives hints at the end of the story that there will be something in the room that the boy walks into on Christmas Day. It is hinted by the mother and the father guiding the boy into the room.

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