Make your own Government

You will build your own government. The task and steps are in the attached file


Thomas Paine Project

Students will create and develop a character who hypothetically lived in the American Colonies during 1774 and participated in the discussion around protesting British rule and taxation. You should use the resources at the end of the file to help with your research.


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Public Policy

Choose one of the following topics. Write the history/historical circumstance of the topic you chose. Write a claim and counter claim for the topic. Which side do you pick and why? You can either do this in Prezi, PowerPoint, or essay format.

1. Should Abortions be legal?

2. Should Medical Marijuana be legal?

3. Should the Drinking Age be lowered?

4. Is obesity a disease?

5. Should all Americans have the right to Health Care?

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Articles of Confederation

You must complete all of the case studies in order to complete this section. As well as the last section that questions you for the weaknesses and strengths of the Articles of Confederation.

Make sure you follow the directions on how to make your own copy