Julius Caesar Soundtrack Project

By: Nyasha WIlson and NaTyah Smith


Rolling In The Deep (Original by Adele) by OhAlaska

Hidden in the Shadows of Others

During the song, Adele sings “there's a fire starting in my heart”, as if she is becoming enraged. This same context can be used in Act III Scene 1 when Antony actually had an enraging spirit because the conspirators killed Caesar. As Adele continues to sing, she says that the fire in her heart is “reaching a fever pitch and it's bringing me out the dark” which is literally what happened with Antony. As his anger elevates, you see that Antony completely comes out of the dark about how he truly feels about the conspirators when they leave him alone with Caesar. In the next line of the song, Adele says, “finally I can see you crystal clear” which shows how Antony has seen the true colors of the conspirators because he thought they were “noble men”. In Act III Scene 2, Antony shows how much the conspirators drastically underestimated him when he makes his speech to the citizensat the funeral. The line “see how I leave with every piece of you, dont understimate the things that I will do”, totally illustrates Antony’s speech because he had every tactic he needed to turn the citizens against the conspirators. The conspirators did the exact opposite of what Adele’s song said and underestimated everything Antony would do. This action provocates their death in the end like the line “I'll make your head burn”, which was Antony’s goal to begin with.

Nyasha Wilson

Nicki Minaj-Moment 4 Life lyrics

Confidence is Key, but Arrogance is Deadly

In the song, Nicki raps “don’t worry bout me, and who I fire I get what I desire, it’s my empire” basically saying don’t tell her what to do because she is King. Similarly, Caesar feels like he is able to do anything he wants no matter how many times he is warned not to do just that. All the omens, including his wife and the soothsayer, did not stop him. Comparable to Nicki’s lyrics “In this very moment I’m King In this very moment, I slayed Goliath- with a sling”, Caesar literally slayed Pompey with his sword and became King. He also, apparently, became fearless. In Act 1 Scene 2, Caesar states “But I fear him not, Yet if my name were liable to fear/I tell thee what s to be feared Than what I fear, for I am always Caesar.” With this bold belief, he ends up getting stabbed by his best friend and about 8 other people.

-NaTyah S.

G-Eazy ft remo "I Mean It" (lyrics)

Manipulation At its Best

In G-Eazy’s “I mean It”, he raps about how he will come through with everything he says. In one of his lyrics, he mentions “Tunnel visions I get ahead, stayed solid I never fled” meaning he’s constantly thinking forward and quickly. Just after Antony was told what he was able to say at Caesar’s funeral, he goes to Caesar’s corpse elaborating oh how he curses the men who murdered Caesar and how a war will begin because of the fact. Obviously, he knew that his funeral speech would move the crowd in his direction emphasizing that he is a prospective thinker. G-Eazy also vocalizes “This year I’m in here, I’ll spell it out to make things clear”. At the beginning of Antony’s funeral oration, he reminds the crowd that Brutus had described Caesar as ambitious and proceeds to inform them that that is a lie and gives many specific events that clearly illustrates Caesar as the complete opposite as ambitious. Also in Act 3 Scene 2, the 2nd citizen proclaims “We’ll hear him, we’ll follow him, we’ll die with him!” In the song, G-Eazy communicates “You people wonder who’s up next, That conversation really ends here”. The citizens of Rome are undoubtedly frantic and confused on what’s going to happen since Caesar is gone, but they have unknowingly chose Antony as King; Antony knows exactly what he has done.

-NaTyah S.