Body movement

By, Josef Santelli

I think picking this intelligent was good because I started doing fit things and eating well sense I was born. So all my life, body movement has become very simple for me. I have been doing it for plenty of years. Five years to be exacted.

I chose body movement because I am a very athletic person. For example I have been playing hockey for eight years and I have won four times in a row. Also so the other sports I did were soccer and swimming, I had lots of fun doing all those sports but I liked hockey the most. Mostly though out the summer I would always do 25 pushups and a minute and twenty seconds. So that’s what keeps me fit if I am not playing a sport.

My job would be in construction because my intelligent is body movement that means I' very athletic person. So that's good because in construction you need to be strong in order to attend to this job.