Canada in 2040

How will Canada look in 2040?


More people would want to immigrate Canada for a better way living. Some people will immigrate to Canada to get a proper education since they can't get it in their country. They also will want to immigrate to Canada since their will be more job opportunities. So, that's why many people will choose to live in Canada than choose to emigrate to Canada. There are many other factors that will make people be Canada's immigrants

Demography of Canada


Birth Rate: 10.28

Death Rate: 8.31

Natural Increase Rate: 1.97

Immigration Rate:

Emigration Rate:

Net Migration Rate: 5.65

Population Growth Rate: 0.76%

Total Population: 35,000,000

All of these statistics are baised from 2014 but the these rates will change over the years.

The Point System

English and/or French skills: 28

Education: 25

Experience: 15

Age: 12

Arranged employment in Canada: 10

Adaptability: 10

If people want to immigrate to Canada they have to have 67 or up points for them to immigrate to Canada and if they don't they can not immigrate to Canada.

Demography of Canada in 2040

Birth Rate:9.40
Death Rate:
Natural Increase Rate:
Immigration rate:
Emigration Rate:
Net Migration Rate:5.61
Population Growth Rate:
Total Population:

These statistics are biased on data from 2040. these are how the numbers would approximately look like in 2040. As you can see the numbers have totally changed over the years, these numbers will change even more as the years pass by. Also some of these things are not been filled in because it is not known yet or predicted yet.

Immigration in Canda for 2040

Immigration in Canada may change in 2040. There are two ways it can change:
1) There might be more immigrants coming to Canada then leaving Canada. this might be because there might be more job opportunities and people will want to stay here and get a better life for themselves and their families.
2) There will be less people coming to Canada because of the point system. The point system will be one of the reasons because it will probably get complicated to approve since they will ask for more points than 67 for example 80 out of 100 points or something else.

The Point System in 2040

English and/or French skills:




Arranged employment in Canada:


These points have been probably changed were you probably need more than 200 points to immigrate to Canada since the population will be growing really fast. I don't really know how much the points will be for each category during 2040, but they will surely change were you will need more than 200 points to immigrate to Canada.


The population in France is currently 64,641,279 approximately. this will change over the years a lot since the population will be probably will be around 70 million. This will be because there will be more people immigrating to there and/or the birth rate will increase and the death rate will decrease since there will probably be even better health care.

Comparing Canada with France

Canada's population is almost the half of France (43,041,000<70,000,000) even in 2040. This is probably because the birth rate of France is higher than the birth rate of Canada. This is probably because there are more woman's in France who have babies and in Canada women's want to get a job and live without kids since they are busy with office work