Technopoly EDU

The Professional Learning Game

What is Technopoly?

Educators work hard to keep up with the changes in educational technology, often learning new tools on their own. With Technopoly, educators can choose a category and a tech tool, work at their own pace to earn a badge and advance through the levels on their Technopoly board. Aledo ISD is launching Technopoly this fall to provide resources and give recognition to educators who integrate technology in the classroom. As an added bonus, the Technopoly board and badges earned will help teachers show evidence of progress made towards T-Tess goals.

Technopoly EDU

How to Play Technopoly

  1. Choose a property (category) on the Technopoly board
  2. Select a tool from the Resources List on the Technopoly EDU website
  3. Use the Badge Checklists to advance through a level (i.e. Explorer, Integrator, Innovator, or Facilitator)
  4. Submit the badge application form for each badge
  5. Badges will be sent digitally and can be displayed on your website, blog, email, or social media

*Teachers will also have a Technopoly board to display outside their classroom. As badges are earned, teachers will receive a sticker to show which badges they achieved.

How to Play Technopoly in Aledo ISD

Frequently Asked Questions

Why participate in Technopoly?
  • CHOICE and VOICE ~ You determine what you want/need to learn.
  • Self-paced ~ You decide when and how you learn the new technology.
  • Novice or expert ~ Technopoly is designed for all comfort levels of technology.
  • Goal tracking ~ Use your board to show growth and progress towards T-Tess/T-Pess goals.

Do I have to go in order around the board?

  • No. You are free to start anywhere on the board.
  • You can choose to work on the Explorer level for each category or advance through the levels within one category.

How do I learn about the tech tool to earn a badge?

  • Start with the videos, articles, and websites listed on the Technopoly Resources page.
  • If you want additional information or help with a tech tool try searching for additional tutorials on YouTube.
  • Reach out to other educators who have experience with the tech tool. Twitter and Google+ Communities are great places to find people beyond your local learning network to seek out help with technology tools.
  • Schedule a meeting with your campus or district EdTech Specialist (April Riley).

What do I do with the Badge Checklist?

  • The Badge Checklist is for your note-taking purposes only.
  • You will NOT turn in the Badge Checklist to your Technopoly Game Warden.
  • You can save your Badge Checklist to share with your campus administrator during T-Tess conferences.

What do I have to turn in to receive my badge?

  • After you work through your chosen badge, refer to the appropriate Badge Checklist to make sure you have completed everything. (Badge Checklist is for your benefit.)
  • Complete the Badge Application Form and click SUBMIT. (On the Badge Application Form you will answer questions and provide links to your finished products to show evidence that you have mastered the tech tool at the designated Technopoly level.)
  • After submitting the Badge Application Form, your Technopoly Game Warden (April Riley or your campus librarian during the school year) will email you directions to redeem the digital copy of your badge. (Badges are only awarded once a week, so please be patient.)

What do I do with badge once I receive it?

  • Upon receiving your digital badge, you can share out your accomplishments on Twitter and/or Facebook. Be sure to use #TechnopolyEDU!
  • You can add your digital badge to your blog, website, and/or email signature.
  • During the school year you will also receive a sticker to mark the badge you've earned on the printed copy of your Technopoly board. (Technopoly boards will be displayed next to your door outside your classroom.)

What does it mean when I earn a badge?

  • A badge is a micro-credential certificate representing your learning.
  • A Technopoly EDU badge is something to be proud of!
  • When others see your digital badge they can view the badge requirements on the Technopoly EDU website.
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