Beautycounter Goes to Washington & Another Sweet Promotion!

Beautycounter Goes to Washington: You can help by emailing Congress! Learn More.

Beautycounter is on a mission. We are a disruptive beauty brand dedicated to radical transparency. Many of you are aware of one of our three platforms: our products. We create high-performing, safe, chic and effective personal care products for the entire family. We are demonstrating that this is POSSIBLE. But, the products are just one of our three platforms. The other two are equally as important. We also seek to educate consumers on the lack of regulation in the personal care/cosmetic industry that allows companies to use potentially harmful ingredients. Ingredients that are already banned and restricted in other parts of the world like the EU and Canada. Along with educating consumers about making better beauty choices, and providing products that meet these high standards, we also advocate for better laws. This week our CEO and Founder Gregg Renfrew is headed to Washington again to talk with Congress about reform. YOU CAN HELP by contacting your legislators and let it be known that this is not ok! It is so easy. Beautycounter has set up an automatic system. It will take a minute! Click the following link to read more and access the easy one step link to email Congress. Take action and email Congress today and feel free to add a personal note explaining why you care about this issue!

Buy 1 Color Shade Eye Duo and Get 1 Half Off!

This November, Beautycounter has been spectacular with these promotions ideal for updating your beauty routine with safer products for all of the upcoming family gatherings and holiday parties as well as the gift giving season. For a limited time, now through November 23, clients can receive $15 off of a Color Shade Eye Duo when they purchase one! YES!!! The only challenge is choosing which of the amazing shades you want! Here is another opportunity to buy one or two for yourself and gift the others. Great stocking stuffers! You might also want to check out our brushes designed to go perfectly with your choices!
Mini Master Class: Color Shade Eye Duo

Smokey Eye for Fall

Here is a step by step on how to get a sophisticated smokey eye using our Color Shade Eye Duo in Slipper and Slate along with our Color Outline Eye Pencil in Navy!

Heavy Metals in Color Cosmetics: Why Beautycounter is Different

Heavy metals are all around us and impossible to avoid completely because they occur naturally in the earth. There are even heavy metals found in our cosmetics, especially color cosmetics. Our exposure is usually in very small amounts, but history and science has taught us that even at low levels they can build up over time and cause harm.

"The only way to be sure that you’re not applying heavy metals to your skin is to refrain from using color cosmetics. The only way to be sure that your color cosmetics have undetectable or only extremely low levels of heavy metals is to use Beautycounter. We believe we’re using the strictest standards in the industry, testing all of our color products during formulation, at the end of formulation, and before we order any new batch. That is our commitment to you."

Read and learn more about heavy metals in cosmetics and Beautycounter's journey to safer color cosmetics. You can get a better view of the below infographic by clicking here.

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