What it means to me...

Photo credit: flickr user MikeBlogs (Mike Seyfang).

My Opinion

Copyright is a very important part of today’s society and it provides protection for any person’s original works. Copyright gives the author or creator of a work the exclusive right to its use and distribution. As an artist, copyright is very important to me. I believe that copyright laws most definitely help people like artists, musicians, writers, and directors to protect their hard original works and deter some theft and wrongful use of a person's own original ideas. I do believe that copyright laws could be enforced to a greater extent in today’s society; however, with tools such as the internet, the process of enforcing these laws has become tougher than ever. I do believe that, with more people becoming informed about copyright and what it is along with some enforcement and monitoring, these crimes will slowly begin to decline further. Copyright plays a very large role today, and I believe that it is a great right that needs to be educated upon more.