Pottsgrove High School Falcon Marching Band


You have competition every day because you set such high standards for yourself that you have to go out every day and live up to that. - Michael Jordan

Week In Review

This was a great weekend for the Falcons!

The band started their Friday morning off at the Veterans Day Parade at the Coatesville VA Medical Center. Your performance of Armed Forces Salute was greatly appreciated by the crowd lining the sidewalks. This is an important event for the VA and we are always glad to participate in it!

On Friday, Pottsgrove hosted Pottstown for the last PAC-10 game of the season. A 21-9 victory over the Trojans ensured the Falcons of a home playoff game! We will be hosting Marple-Newtown this Friday in the first round of playoffs. Any future wins ensures a game on the following Friday. Please remember to keep those dates open.

You had a great pregame performance. Our music arranger, Larry Kerchner, was in attendance and sent over these kind words: "... the “big story” was the band and the terrific job the kids did! From the winds, to the percussion, to the guard, to the DM, to the support staff, Annette, our friend Marilyn, and I were impressed and “woo-hooing” away! ... They made me very proud."

Thank you for being great hosts to the Middle School Marching Band! They had a lot of fun and we always enjoy having them!

Saturday was our last competition before Championships. We had a long, productive rehearsal in the afternoon and headed to Conestoga for our evening performance. Your efforts during rehearsal made a significant impact on Saturday's show, as we could see many improvements in music, drill, and routines. Your score continued to rise as you earned 3rd place with a score of 88.95!

This is the final push! This weekend is what we've been working for since May: all those hours of practice and performances have led us to this one show. Let's leave our best show on the field at Hershey!

Schedule for this Week

WEDNESDAY MORNING: All marching band members should report directly to the band room at the end of 1st period. We will be performing for the Veterans Breakfast in the Cafeteria at 8:55 AM. Please be prompt and on time.

THURSDAY – Parents are invited to join us at the end of practice to watch our last run-through. We are planning on being in the stadium, weather permitting. Should that
change, we will make an announcement. Also, we plan to honor our seniors once
again at the end of this rehearsal. Please join us at 8:45 PM.

FRIDAY EVENING: Home Football Playoff Game - Report time is 4:45. You must be dressed for warm up by 5:15. We are performing pregame at 6:30. Please be a polite audience for Marple-Newtown's halftime performance.

Chaperone report time is 5:30 PM.

Please have money with you if you plan to utilize the concession stands during 3rd quarter. REMINDER: NO food or drink is allowed in the stands. You must finish all refreshments BEFORE returning to the stands.

Pick-up time following the game will be 10:00 PM.

REMINDER: NO food or drink is allowed in the stands. You must finish all refreshments BEFORE returning to the stands.

SATURDAY: CHAMPIONSHIPS - Report time is 8:15 AM. You must be dressed in halves by 8:45 AM. You MUST eat before coming to practice. We will practice from 8:45 AM – 10:00 AM. Following practice you will have approximately 1 hour to pack, load equipment, eat something, and load the bus. Please bring something to eat with you when you come at 8:15 AM, as there will not be enough time to order out. You may not leave campus for food. We MUST leave at 11:00 AM SHARP! We will go dressed in halves.

Our performance time is 3:30 PM. Please bring clothes to change into following our performance. Awards are at 4:45 PM. There is no need to bring money for dinner, as our parents are providing dinner for us. However, you may want to bring money for souvenirs, championship sweatshirts, championship videos, or other championship items.

Chaperone Report time is 10:00 AM.

Pick-up time back at PGHS is 9:00 PM

Championship Information

Performance - The American Open portion of the Championship Weekend begins at 1:15. on Saturday. Our performance time is 3:30 PM. Awards are at 4:45.

- Tickets for our section of reserved seating can be purchased from Mr. Holladay beginning on Thursday. Adults are $9 and Students/Senior Citizens are $7. Tickets can be purchased at the gate for a slightly increased price.

Tickets are first come first serve. Email reservations are not accepted for these tickets. The only way to ensure you have a ticket in the "Pottsgrove Section" is to purchase them from Mr. Holladay. Checks should be made out to the Pottsgrove Music League.

- Every year we encourage our families, friends, and fans in the stands to bring an show-themed item to wave as the band enters and exits the field. This year, we are asking that the Pottsgrove fans bring clock faces, license plates, and the Back to the Future red arrow! These can be in any form you choose, but we suggest poster board or foam board cutouts. It gives the students an extra jolt of energy to see their supporters way up in the stands.

Clean Gloves
- Each band member is responsible for making sure their gloves are clean and white for each performance. Please make sure you take your gloves home and clean them. If at any time your gloves get too dirty and they will not come clean, new gloves are available from Mr. Holladay for $4 a pair. ALL WIND PLAYERS should have very clean or new gloves for championships!

Championship Videos
- Mr. Video Productions is the videographer for this year ’s Cavalcade of Bands Championships. Order forms and/or information will be available in the Championship Programs and the video booth inside the stadium.


Hershey Park Stadium - Turnpike west to Exit 266 (Lebanon- Lancaster Exit). Follow Route 72 North towards Hershey. Continue on Route 72 North as it joins US 322 West. Continue to the left and follow US 322 West toward Hershey. Continue on US 322 West past the Milton Hershey School and past Hershey High School. Turn right onto Route 743 (Cocoa Ave.). Follow Cocoa Ave. (Route 743) into Hershey. Cross Benjamin Franklin Hwy and Cocoa Ave. becomes Park Ave. Follow Park Ave to Hershey Park Drive. Turn left onto Hershey
Park Drive. Follow the signs and turn left into the Hershey Park Complex.

Chaperones for the week

The following parents are scheduled to chaperone the Home Playoff Game on Friday Night:

  • Mrs. Achuff
  • Mrs. Bostwick
  • Mrs. Ivins
  • Mr. Nealy
  • Mr. Neiffer
  • Ms. Pickett
  • Mr. Remelius
  • Mrs. Remelius
  • Mrs. Welty

Friday's report time is 5:30 PM.

The following parents are scheduled to chaperone Championships at Hershey Stadium in Hershey, PA:

  • Mrs. Acuff
  • Mr. Coniglario
  • Mrs. Coniglario
  • Mrs. Markoski
  • Mr. Nealy - Truck
  • Mrs. Nealy
  • Mr. Robles
  • Mr. Schueck - Truck
  • Mr. Thieme
  • Mrs. Thieme
  • Mrs. Welty
  • Mr. Zawadski

Saturday's report time is 10:00 AM.

Football Playoffs

Beginning THIS Friday night (the 13th), each successive win by the football team will result in another playoff game the following Friday night. It is important to remember that your handbook clearly states that the marching season is not over until the LAST football game - this INCLUDES playoff games! PLEASE keep your Friday and Saturday nights available as the band will be in attendance and will perform at all of the playoff games.

No one, not the athletic director, football coach, band director, nor the band staff, can accurately predict or plan for playoff football games before the previous game is
finished. Sometimes the actual game day is not announced until the Monday morning following the playoff game. Playoff games can be played on Friday evenings, Saturday afternoons, or Saturday evenings.

While this scheduling can be frustrating, please understand we have no control over the time of the game and we are expected to attend these games in order to fulfill our responsibility and commitment to the band, our school, and community.

As soon as we receive details regarding any playoff game, emails will be sent and a posting will be made on the band’s Facebook page. PLEASE remember to keep your calendars free and flexible regarding playoff games. The printed fall schedule tried to anticipate when games would occur. Please check that schedule to adjust your calendar as needed.

Peach Bowl Reminder!

The final payment for the Peach Bowl trip was due last Thursday. Please make sure you are in contact with Mr. Holladay if you have an outstanding trip balance.

T-Shirt Bill - PAST DUE!

There is over $570.00 outstanding from eleven (11) students who still have outstanding T-shirt/Sweatshirt bills. Deadline for those bills was Thursday, October 1, over two weeks ago. Please check your Charms account for any outstanding bills. Please make sure these bills are taken care of ASAP! These bills DO NOT include recently ordered apparel. These are bills from the initial order in August.

Thank You

Thank you to the following parents who helped chaperone Friday's Home Game against Pottstown:

  • Mrs. Achuff
  • Mrs. Bostwick
  • Mrs. John
  • Mrs. Lance
  • Mrs. Markoski
  • Mr. Nealy
  • Mr. Neiffer
  • Mr. Schueck
  • Mrs. Welty
  • Mr. Zawadzki

Thank you to the following parents who helped chaperone Saturday's Competition at Conestoga High School:

  • Mrs. Achuff
  • Mrs. Bostwick
  • Mr. & Mrs. Coniglario
  • Mr. & Mrs. Remelius
  • Mrs. Schueck
  • Mr. & Mrs. Thieme
  • Mrs. Welty
  • Mr. Zawadzki

The Holiday Season is coming

If you are looking for a Holiday gift for a musician or are looking to add musical items to your wish list, then see Mr. Holladay or one of the staff members for ideas. The Holiday season is a great time to acquire items for your musical enrichment. It doesn’t always have to be a new instrument!

Some ideas can include: a new mouthpiece, a cleaning kit, new drum sticks, a stick bag, a few boxes of reeds, a reed keeper/holder, valve oil, a gift certificate for private lessons, a metronome, a tuner, or even a polishing cloth.


Birthdays this coming week:
  • No birthdays this coming week


  • November 10 - REHEARSAL
  • November 12 - REHEARSAL
  • November 13 - PLAYOFF GAME
  • November 14 - CHAMPIONSHIPS - Hershey, PA
  • December 1 - Rehearsal
  • December 3 - Rehearsal
  • December 4 - West Chester Old-Fashioned Christmas Parade
  • December 27 - January 1 - Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl - Atlanta, GA
  • January 29 - Marching Band Banquet

Photos & Videos

We are looking for photos and/or videos throughout this year's marching season. We need a wide range of photos from the summer rehearsals, band camp, "regular" rehearsals, and performances. As you download them, please forward them to Mr. Holladay on a disc, flash drive, or through Dropbox. PLEASE do not email photos or videos. The files are too large, and will get blocked. These photos will possibly be used in our Falcon Call each week, so please begin to send in those photos.


As stated in the Marching Band Handbook, the only headgear allowed during band functions is maroon Pottsgrove head-wear. We are currently selling Hats, Beanies,and Ear Warmers (pictured below).

If you wish to purchase one or more of the items, please order from the Online Store in Charms. Hats are $20, Beanies are $12, and the Ear Warmers are $10. These items are not limited to band students.

We always enjoy seeing our friends and family supporting our organization with pride. So feel free to purchase any of the aforementioned merchandise!

About Us

The band program at Pottsgrove High School forms a vital and important role in the complete high school experience.

Comprised of 55 students in grades 9 through 12, the Falcon Marching band performs at all home and away football games, local events and parades, and competes in the Cavalcade of Band circuit throughout the fall.

In addition to local performances, the ensemble has had several opportunities to perform on the national stage. Over the past ten years, the band has participated in Washington DC's Cherry Blossom Parade, the Bridgeport Education Holiday Bowl (San Diego, CA), and the Miss America Parade (Atlantic City, NJ). In December, the band will make its first appearance at the 2015 Chick-Fil-A Peach Bowl in Atlanta, GA.

For a full schedule of performances, please contact Mr. Victor Holladay, Band Director.