STOP Cyber Bullying !

Cyber Bullying is not ok, join together to stop it, STOP IT!

Introducing The Topic

For a long time now, cyber bullying has been a problem. We can not allow this to continue. It is offending peoples feelings all over the world, especially teenagers. Cyber Bullying is the way people mentally offend others over technology such as computers, and cell phones. This can happen through social media networks or text messaging.

Examples Of CyberBulling Victims

Think Twice

Some people need to think twice about Cyberbullying. You need to think ntwice because you have to think about consequences. From the examples, you can tell what I mean by "Consequences." You should never Cyberbully because it can lead to major problems.

Acts Of Kindness

Cyber bullying needs to stop ! Stand up and speak up. If you are a witness of a bullying scene say something to an adult. Also, cyber bullying can be stopped by blocking a bully on either social media networks or even text messages. Always remember this can end if you help. Speak up, and end it...