Their lives to Silon

They each wenatcheefollies drop to a knee, grab Silon’s left hand, kiss it and announce, To my last drawing breath, I am proud to serve as your Token. They must have all been instructed on exactly what to do. Each of them follows the exact same routine. I hold Isamar closer to me, uneasy at watching these girls pledge. Cydnee is about to walk up the steps, and I could swear I see her look back at me before she began to ascend the steps.

There was a fire burning in her eyes. I look over to Zander. Something is about to happen, I need to warn him. I wenatcheefollies eye towards Cydnee trying to reveal what I know. I cannot tell if he understands or not.

I look back up to the throne in time to see Cydnee take her knee in front of Silon. She grabs his left hand, she kisses it and says, To my last drawing breath, I am proud… that I am the one who ends your pathetic existence. She spits a small blade out of her mouth into her hand and jerks Silon’s arms to pull him towards her. She jams the blade into wenatcheefollies his throat and jerks it out. Before anyone else has realized what has happened, Silon has fallen to his knees grasping his throat desperately trying to stop the bleeding, but the incision looks fatal.

He will bleed out momentarily. Cydnee is already launching herself at the next closest Grod. I have to help her. Zander was already thinking what I was. Silon will be dead soon.

If we are going to escape, now is the time. He has disarmed the nearest Grod to the door as I take the other. We both shoot them. The girls are running around frantically. Cydnee has managed to take out two more Grods before I see another one of them from afar shoot and hit her in the back.

She wenatcheefollies falls to the ground limp. Zander and I both fire at the Grod who shot her and take him out. Zander takes off wenatcheefollies running towards Silon’s now lifeless body. He knows exactly what he is looking for. He wenatcheefollies pulls a device out of Silon’s pocket.

It’s the control for the security system. Zander uses Samson’s fingerprint to deactivate the device. The system is off, he declares. We have to get out of here now, I yell to Zander. I am not leaving here without Mable.

Zander begins to lead the way out of the mansion. I grab Isamar’s hand as we follow him to find Mable. Zander throws his hand into my chest and motions for us to stop. We pause next to the entrance to the mansion, me on one side, Zander on the other.

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