The Raft

S.A Bodeen



-Is a 15 year old girl that has parents that are scientist that live on a island were they research wildlife. She has a aunt that lives in hawaii and goes to visit her. She is a type of girl who likes to get piercings.


-A co pilot who is new and gets his skittles jacked who has been dead but has been in half of the story


The setting is in on a raft and in middle of the Pacific Ocean.


The conflict is that Robie is on a raft alone in middle of the ocean by her self and she only has a bag of skittles to eat.


-Childbirth. Fairly certain that hurts worse. I put it because it is true that birth is worse then a piercing.


Robie went to visit her aunt but her aunt leaves. Some drunk guy scares her she gets on a cargo plane the next day to go back home. She couldn't get reach of her parents so they don't know what she is doing. The plane stopped working during a thunder storm. The plane crashes in middle of the Pacific Ocean and its Robie on a raft by her self. She tries to survive on a raft with only skittles and with a fishing rod without any water. She will try to get help from planes but she will use the wrong flares. Will she ever make it back home alive?