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Pioneer Middle School's Amazing Open House

Earthquake PBL Project

What we did:

For this project, we were told and instructed to build, design, and construct a two story house for Tony Stark, going off the guidelines of the driving question, how can we, as structural engineers, construct a two story house in California for Tony Stark that will withstand seismic activity.

Our Design:

For my house for Tony Stark was a sturdy two story house. Most of the materials used were popsicle sticks, straws, and claw. We crisscrossed supplies to make it sturdier.

Main Points Learned From Project:

Throughout the building of the two story house, we learned a few things. Some of them are how you can put in earthquake resistant things to your home, how to make something more sturdy, and what could occur during a big enough earthquake.


Shake Table Video:

30 Hands Project

30 Hands

  • From this project, I learned all about the greenhouse effect and global warming, things that are effecting the earth. We also were notified on how to contribute less to the effect itself.
  • The thing I enjoyed making the most in this project was the pic collage. I was very fond of it because you didn't have a set of guide lines to make it the way it is supposed to be. All we were given was the question we were going to answer. We choose how we formatted it. It was letting us be creative.

Invention Convention

What Problem Did We Solve?

For our invention convention project, we solve the environmental problem of burning fossil fuels and using electricity. We use a wind turbine to generate electricity to charge the phone instead of the plug in outlet.

How does Our Invention Help Solve the Problem?

By using a renewable energy source, like wind, instead of a nonrenewable source like electricity and fossil fuels, we are able to power our phone with no charge. Over a billion 2gb of power is used by adults each day in the USA. That is a lot of power for just adults, and that is just in the USA. By using a wind powered phone instead, we could cut that number dramatically.

Time Lapse of Project:


Favorite Unit

My favorite unit this year was the Earthquake Unit. This was my favorite because of the project we did to go with it. it was a lot of work, but the end result was worth it. We learned from the unit and project what was needed to make a house sturdy and how to make it. We got to do an activity with that also because we made a house for Tony Stark. We used it on a shake table to test if it will withstand(The video is up the page under Earthquake PBL).