Washington Early Learning Center

Weekly Staff Newsletter

September 22-26, 2014

This week's meetings

Mon, 9/22, 1:30-2:30: Stacie to meet with Steve @ WA (monthly meeting)

Tues 9/23, 12:30-1:30: IEP meeting for Porter R. (Sarah; SPL only)

Fri, 9/26, 12:30-3:30: PLD

(As of right now, these meetings are ones that I am attending. You may have additional meetings scheduled that I am not going to LEA. However, if you notice that I have not listed a meeting you thought I was attending, please let me know ASAP!)


1. Please add information to your weekly newsletter regarding the Dental Screening. Forms will go out this week. More information will be in the Eagle's Nest, Sept. 22 newsletter to parents. Please help promote this.

2. Now that Dean has given each of you the storage cabinets, we need to get the "shared storage" space in order. Please plan some time in the next week or two to get your items organized so the shared space looks "presentable".

3. Please feel free to hang art projects in our hallways (especially in the hallway near the office). Since our families drop off and pick up in the main entrance hallways, it would be wonderful to hang some of our art work in these areas. ( If we need more cork strips in order to hang things, I will put in a work order).

4. Please let me know, "yes or no" if you would like to participate with Homecoming activities for next week. Here is the information sent to me from a high school student:

Hello Mrs. Nelson,

I am a representative from Neenah High School involved in a committee for Homecoming Week 2014, September 29th through October 3rd. We are working hard to make Homecoming a time for the whole community to come together and celebrate a new school year! Our events this year will be modeled after a successful number of changes made in 2013. On Monday night we will be hosting a free outdoor movie for the community at Neenah High School. We will be showing Mrs. Doubtfire. On Wednesday, Junior and Senior girls from NHS will be playing games of Powderpuff football. Come out and cheer us on! Of course on Friday will be the Homecoming parade in downtown Neenah. Afterward, there will be a tailgate dinner at the high school before the big football game. All proceeds from the events will benefit the NJSD Special Education program. Throughout the week we also have dress up days that we would love the entire district to participate in. Monday through Friday, we have Pajama Day, Disguise Day, Mismatch Day, Fancy Day, and Red and White Day. Please let me know if you would be willing to have Washington Early Learning Center participate in our celebration and relay the information to your students and their families. Soon I should be able to provide a formal flyer to use as well.

Thank you!


* Hopefully our rodent situation is getting under control. Please be sure to secure all food (snacks, items for projects, etc.) in a covered container and store in a high location.

* Please remember to send Angie a list of your appointments as soon as possible for the week. This last week went much more smoothly with our new system. However, it won't continue to work if we don't get the information from you! Thanks! :)


Please remember that my door is always open to you and I encourage you to see me with any questions or concerns. As I have shared in the past, don't ever assume that I have knowledge or information about a situation. Sometimes I may be the last to know!

I know we have had lots of change happen so far this year with a new building and new office staff. Angie and I are doing our best to become part of this team. We will not always do things the same as in the past....first, because we may not know how it was done...second, because we are trying to find a way that works best for all of us. It is much more helpful to discuss this with us "up front" so we can talk through the matter and come up with a workable solution.

I appreciate those of you that have brought matters to my attention. Please continue to bring me these, along with ideas for how to solve this matter. I try and gather all the information about a situation and then make the best decision I can from what I know.

Despite all the change, I think we have had a great first few weeks of school and things have run smoothly! I appreciate the hard work and dedication from this staff to make our school such a welcoming place for children and families!

Thanks for all you do!