January 27


Don't Forget...Daily Screening Forms in Genesis!!!

Everyday that your student(s) report to campus according to the In-Person Hybrid Schedule, you will be required to complete an online Screening Form. This form will be located in the Genesis Portal and MUST be completed prior to your student leaving for school on their assigned day. If the form is not completed before your student enters the building, the student will be sent to the cafeteria until the form is complete in the system. The Screening Form will be available the evening prior at 6:00PM.

*** If you are having any Genesis Parent Portal issues, please contact Christine Brownridge at cbrownridge@burlcoschools.org ****

If your child identifies specific symptoms and/or a fever (Over 100.3), they should not attend school that day. If a student is on campus and demonstrates symptoms identified on the form, they will have to be picked up from school immediately.


Students may pick up materials/supplies:

MONDAY, FEBRUARY 1ST - 6:30 PM - 7:30 PM


Reminders for All Students During Remote Learning

  • Students must log in & participate in each of their 4 classes.
  • Students will not be excused from attending their online scheduled classes due to their work schedules. Students must log in & attend all classes to be marked present for the day.
  • Teachers will individually communicate the date and time that all assignments are due and how they should be submitted.
  • Students will have the ability to continue to remotely attend various support programs in the afternoons once classes are finished for the day.


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Contact your teachers ahead of time to schedule a session during office hours

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Late to HR Google Sign-In Sheet

Virtual Learning Tips for Student Success...

  • Dedicate an area or location in your home for remote learning. Students are more likely to engage in the lesson if they are in an area designated for learning. Far too often we are seeing students in bed and not mentally prepared for learning.

  • Encourage your children to turn on their cameras when interacting with the class and the instructor. Student engagement is a vital component to their success in any educational setting, but even more important during virtual learning. Teachers need the immediate feedback from the students when learning new material to gage their understanding.

  • Be sure you are in a location where your audio can be heard clearly without excessive background noise - if you cannot secure an appropriate location for synchronous learning, please let your teacher know. Create routines and a consistent "space" for them to work virtually as this will increase their engagement.

  • Encourage your children to start each day like a "normal" school day by eating breakfast, getting dressed and being prepared for class.

  • Daily attendance is mandatory - Please follow all of the attendance procedures shared by your teacher. If you cannot attend a class on a given day, you must follow the same attendance procedures​ as in-class learning.

  • Arrive on-time - Synchronous instruction will follows the half day bell schedule​. Be sure to log in to your class at the designated time or you will be marked absent/tardy.

  • Mute your mic when you enter the Google Meet - Only unmute your mic when directed by your teacher.

  • Teachers may call on students at any time during synchronous learning to ask questions, so be prepared to unmute your mic.

  • Backgrounds should be appropriate for school activities.

  • Live, Google Meet lessons may not be recorded by students.

  • All comments made in chat can be saved for later reference - make sure all comments are appropriate, respectful, and course related.

  • All school and individual teacher classroom behavior expectations will be enforced during distance learning.

  • If you have issues or concerns about distance learning, please contact your teacher, counselor, or assistant principal.


Remote Instruction Grab-n-Go Meals Schedule:

Monday & Thursday 9 am -11 am - You MUST order ahead of time & choose your day

BCIT Medford - pick up in the front of the school

Students will receive 5 meals: (3) Lunches & (2) Breakfast meals.

Please follow the link below for school lunch information including free and reduced lunch applications.

Contact Food Services: foodserviceoffice@burlcoschools.org

Free & Reduced Lunch Questions: ginac@burlcoschools.org



  • Should the student be absent in excess of six unexcused days per semester, then he/she will be placed on non-credit status.
  • Students who exceed a total of nine or more days with excused or unexcused absences from school for the semester will not be eligible for noncredit remediation, and may be referred to the Superintendent for consideration for referral to the Board of Education for action.
  • Partial absences caused by lateness to school or early departure from school will be counted toward non-credit. Each partial absence will be equal to at least .25 of a day. Four (4) such partial absences shall equal one (1) day absence for the purpose of non-credit.
  • All excused absences require written documentation to verify the nature of the absence. Parent letters excusing a student for attendance purposes are not acceptable. Medical notes need to be from a medical professional. Please review the policy below regarding approved excused days. If your son/daughter is dealing with a prolonged medical issue, please communicate with your guidance counselor and we can work together to develop a plan.
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Harassment, Intimidation & Bullying Information

Creating a positive learning environment is essential to the success of all students at BCIT Medford. The state of NewJersey has very specific guidelines for schools to follow in an effort to eliminate acts of Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying (HIB) with an educational setting. BCIT-Medford enforces these guidelines to the full extent of the state guidelines and regulations. The full district Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying (HIB) policy can be found in the Student/Parent Handbook.

If you have any questions regarding Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying (HIB), please contact our HIB Specialist, Mr. Jeff Pensabene at jpensabene@burlcoschools.org.

For further information regarding Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying (HIB), please click on the link below.

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