Time Capsule



For this activity you'll need a computer, camera and a scanner. Take photos of all your students and upload them to Thinglink.

Hand Print

Make hand print scans and upload them online.

Ask the students to link their Thinglink photos to a video or audio of their favourite song (youtube, vimeo, soundcloud, audioboo) , a link of their favourite band or singer (website, youtube channel) , an episode of their favourite TV show, a link of their favourite book (pdf, audio book ), a link to their hand print, a screenshot of their facebook home page and latest status, link or photo shared, a screenshot of their instagram home page, my students use ask. fm so I plan on linking a screenshot of their latest question.

QR code

Use a QR code generator to create a QR code of their Thinglink photo

Upload the link and QR code to Letter 2 future. Set a future date when the time capsule should be opened.