10 Billion Population Project

By Kaitlyn Hernandez

What would happen to us?

In general if the worlds population went up to 10 billion, we would have less resources and more problems. Our resources would go a lot faster and our sanitation problems would be way worse then they already are. There would be less space and more people. The species would probably become exist from us eating them.


Today with 7 billion people we already have a lot of sanitation problems. If we added 3 billion more people, the problems would become a whole lot worse. Some countries don't even have sanitation, this can lead to many heath problems. Other countries don't have a balanced education system because the sanitation is so bad. The outlook of this situation would be very bad unless if we can find a way to fix it.

Disease Outbreak

Disease outbreaks are starting to increase just because of the increase in population. The more people there are, the more people that can get sick and the more people that travel. When people travel, diseases and sicknesses are easily spread. Especially when people interact with wildlife, this can cause sicknesses too. You don't know if the animals are safe and it can cause you to become sick and spread it to your family and friends.

Earths Animals

If the population increased to 10 billion, then the earths animals would decrease. There would be a human demand for food and animals is where we get most of our food from. We would need more buildings and housing, this would cause us to chop down trees and take away animals habitats. This would cause many animals to die and lose their homes.

Climate Change

Scientists still don't know if population and climate are linked together. When there's more people, there's more machines and when those machines produce smoke, it gets into the air, and it can change the climate. It could add stress to earths fragile ecosystem too. Some places may be too cold or too hot to live in because of the climate change.

Water Security

People today already face water problems. The people in Africa and other countries don't have clean water. If we had 10 billion people, then a lot of people would go thirsty. 2.7 billion people already have water problems today. According to scientists, they expect it to grow greater. With 10 billion people, this would leave some countries to stop producing water for their crops which would cause us to have less food. We would have to watch how we use our water very carefully.

Food Security

Scientists believe that we will have enough food for 10 billion people. The problem is not everyone will be able to afford the food. The more people we have, the more farmers we have to pick the crops and make the food. We would have to watch our resources because if we didn't, the problem could expand and become worse. The food will mostly be effected by the population,climate,food production,food use, and the cost.


The resources we have would be very limited. We would have to be very careful to not use too much resources since there would be 10 billion people. We would need a lot of workers to keep on making the resources and be careful how we use our resources. If we did use up all our resources, we would have to find a way to live without them. If we ever got to that situation, I'm sure we would be able to live without them. Without some resources we could be more prone to sickness, but without other resources we would be fine.

Food chains and Food webs

If there was 10 billion people in the world, that would require more food. So people would eat more animals. This could cause a graticule change in animal food chains and webs. If there was more people, there would be a need for more fish. People would be killing so many fish that it would start to affect the other animals. The animals that eat the fish would be effected a lot. The sharks,jellyfish,turtles and etc wouldn't be able to eat fish anymore so they would have to find something else to eat. They would be forced to adapt and find something else or if they don't, they would die. There is a possibly that fish could become extinct because of the population increase. When one thing in a food chain or web changes then everything changes. Everything has a effect that's different. This could lead to a increase in certain animals and a decrease in other animals.

The Biomes

The biomes climate would change,the amount of species in the biome and what lives in the biome. If the climate changes from the population then there's going to be a lot of animals that have to adapt to survive or migrate somewhere else. If there's more population then there's going to be less animals because they are going to be in need for food. Their may be different animals because of the climate change.