do you really know it our what

Major Phisical Features

  • rainforest along the northern borders of brazil.
  • pampos largest fertile plains 1/2 of the world.
  • andes mountain near glaciers

Major Languages and Religion

  • Spanish Roman cathlic 92%
  • Italian Protestant 2%
  • English Jewish 2%
  • German Others 4%
  • French

Famous Landmarks

Distinctive Cultural Traits

a place with many music

  • Their main in enflunce is music main and others
  • their food is a mixture of all major cultures
  • they start their breakfast at 7PM
  • their traditional event is a big huge music party
  • it is 1/4 rural and 3/4 is urban

Major Resources and or pruducts produced

IMPORT cars (7.9%) , petroleum gas (6.0%) , Vehicle parts (5.9%) Pones (3.4%)

Exports soybeans (13%) Corn (61%) Others (24%)


Impotant history

Colonized by France.

The end