By: Miranda Simmons

How Stars are Made

Stars are made by, A very old star that has exploded and floats around, Then a nebula and the old star come together to reform to make a new star that is bigger and brighter, normally when its a new star you can see that its the brightest in the sky.

< -------To the Left is what it could look like.


What does a star look like up close, You may wonder every once in a while, but no one has been close enough to give out many details, some astronauts have looked at stars but its hard to because a star is like the mini sun and you cant look at the sun for long. Stars can be different colors like brown, no one can really see because its darker at night, some can be light/dark yellow or, yellow mixed with orange the whiter stars is what we mostly see but no two stars are the same.

Number of Stars

There is not a close number on stars because there are many new ones forming every day so no one can really count the stars but, one thing most people know is there are over 100 Billion stars including the ones in other galaxy and new ones forming every day.

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The Most Know Star and Facts about Star Sizes

Most stars are smaller in size than the sun and some are bigger. Some say that the biggest star is the sun but, its not, Scientist haven't found the biggest yet, They keep trying. Our most known star is one that everybody knows, The Sun but the other most known is the north star and they both do something special like the sun brings daylight and the north star navigated people in the night.