A reading of Howard Nemerov's "To David About His Education"

Friday, Dec. 18th, 8am

1300 Campus Parkway

Saline, MI

Howard Nemerov's "To David, About His Education" is a celebrated, satirical criticism of the modern education system. We've all learned pointless things like "whether the law of the excluded middle applies west of the Rockies". This poem satirically makes fun of all those useless lessons we learn in school while there are real problems out there in the real world. One of Nemerov's best works, "To David, About His Education" is truly a masterpiece of the decade.

"But keeps gravely the grand confusion of the world under his hat, which is where it belongs..."

Have you ever questioned the modern education system? i'm sure you have. Well so has my good friend Howard Nemerov in his famous poem "To David, About His Education". Come see this performance brought to life in a live performance by Emma Springsteen.
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