The Collision of Belief & Practice

Mormon Mental Health Association's 4th Annual Conference

The Collision of Belief & Practice: How to Maintain Appropriate Boundaries while Working with Mormon Clients

Faith, religion and spirituality are important aspects to consider within clinical treatment. At times these can even be part of a client's primary concern for seeking treatment. Research shows that therapists with religious traditions of their own struggle to keep their own biases from becoming issues of countertransference. How do we as clinicians best go about checking our own relationships with spiritual/religious matters so as to not interfere with our clients' journeys? How do we manage our own beliefs, traditions and faith shifts in light of the work we do? How do we hold space for advocacy and social justice positions (which are often public stances), while still offering safe spaces for clients to do their work? How can we become more ethically aware as we apply cultural competence to Mormonism and the work that we do in its various communities - especially when our beliefs don't match our clients'? These are many questions that we usually see members of MMHA wanting to address and have dialogue around. Concerns in regards to how these questions affect the Mormon community which we serve are what led to the founding of MMHA to begin with. This 3-hour conference will offer insights from 3 seasoned professionals who have worked primarily with a Mormon clientele and spent much time researching and considering these questions. It will also hold significant space for open dialogue and questions from attendees so that we can process and network with one another in an area that affects us all.

3 Continuation Education Credits

Will count towards "Ethics" requirements

The Collision of Belief & Practice

Thursday, July 27th, 7-10pm

Student Union, The University of Utah, Presidents Circle, Salt Lake City, UT, United States


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6:00 - Registration begins

6:30 - MMHA Annual Business Meeting (all welcome)

7:00 - Conference begins