Stress Ball

Holds stuff too!

Get your very own MAGIC STRESS BALL!

Need to sedate yourself? Are people picking on you with epigrams and you cant think of a retort? Dont let it fly by as an obiter dictum, and let them obsequiously beat you up with words. Do not let their words abase you. Instead, supersede your anger and frustration with a STRESS HOLDER! Introducing the all new stress holder, the stress ball that holds stuff inside it, yet at the same time feels as normal as a regular stress ball. Its presence alone will calm you! It is small and will pack easily in an interstice like your pocket or jacket. You can carry it around anywhere. Now when you get bullied or stressed, you simply take this out and squeeze! It swallows up all of your anger and you instantly feel happy. If this does not work and you still feel emotionally challenged, you could always throw it at their face instead! Who's in pain now huh? This product is guaranteed to make your life less stressful in every possible way. All subjects who have purchased a stress holder have felt immediate relief, and an overwhelming sense of calm. Dont believe me? Try for yourself! It even has a small for convenient storage. Still not satisfied, then you will get full money back, , and will be allowed to keep your one of a kind stress holder! We guarantee no other company will have a product as brilliant as this. Act now and you will get your stress HALF OFF! No deal as good as this, for an item of such quality has ever been seen before! Only 19.99. But act now and you will get this amazing deal for only 9.99! Call 1-800-Stress for more information.

Can hold stuff as big as I-phones! Visit for more information.

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