Global Warming

By Alauna Scully and Brooke Petersen

What is Global Warming?

Global warming refers to the increase in the average temperature on Earth surfaces including land, water, and near surface air.

What Causes this Phenomenon?

- Human activities that resuly in an increase in greenhouse gases, notably carbon dioxide, in the atmosphere. Solar variably and Earths orbit. Changes in the Earths surface.Atmospheric Changes: The greenhouse effect and  Areosaly (Tiny airborn particules - either absorb or reflect solar radiation). Natural Vanability, Feedbacks, and Abrupt Climate Change.

What are the effects of Global Warming?

The climate change involves much more than just increases in temperature; however, changes in percipitation, drought, and water resources. Such factors can have a profround impact on the environment and human endeavors. A major impact is likely to be in frequency and severity of extreme events such as floods, droughts, heat waves, and severe storms (like hurricanes). As the atmosphere warms, it can hold more water vapor; the hydrologic cycle is thus intensified. Precipitation over mid-latitude continents in the Northern Hemisphere increased by about 1% per decade in the 20th century. Floods and droughts are likely to increase both frequency and severity.

Where are the different effects of weather phenomenon evident?

Global Warming is Evident everywhere. -Evidents continues to mount , esspecially in the Arctics-Ice caps are mealting rapidly-Global warming may effect certain places (such as the Arctic) more then others, but its a phenomenon world wide and effects where ever theres is a climate*in the past past 63years the co2 has spiked dramaticly, going higher then ever found evident in the past 650000 years

How does Global Warming Affect and Relate to Virginia Beach?

Being on the Eastern Shore, Rising Sea level is our main threat/concern-Rising at nearly and inch a century now -Ice caps melting cause the rised speculation of the possibility of places such as Virginia Beach becoming off shore sandbars by the 500th anniversery of Jamestown


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