Come visit Mexico!

Animals found in Mexico

Mexico has the highest diversity of reptiles compared to any other country. Cyote's are the most common animal seen in mexico.


In the U.S deer are one of the most common wild animal seen.

Mexico's land and climate.

Mexico's land is souroned by water on two sides. Right next to pacific ocean.

Mexicos temperature daily high is 80 degrees feirenhight.


Mexico's temperature is a lot higher daily compared to the U.S temperature daily in certain areas.

Mexico's celebrations and Traditions

National Dress

One of the most important distinguishing characteristics of Mexican costume is the use of decorative textiles. The major fibers used through the years have changed from native plants to imported cotton, and currently using the type of synthetic quality fibers because they are cheaper.


People in U.S don't really have any national dress codes to follow by, during celebration of holidays.