WANTED-dead or alive

Asian Tiger Mosquito/Aedes Albopictus

Physical Description

- Bold Black shiny scales, and distinct white scales.

- Medium sized mosquito

-Approximately 2.0 to 10.0 mm.

- Males are usually 20% smaller than females

_ Legs are black and white with scales.


- Tropical and subtropical areas.

- Southeast Asia

Method of Transportation

- These bothersome mosquitos came to the United States by hitching a ride in used tires imported from Japan or Tawian.

Last Seen

- Asian Tiger Mosquitoes are found in the Northeast, Southeast, and in some part of the Southwest.
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  • These pests cause the most bites in the state of Viginia.
  • And they also carry potentially fatal diseases.


  • In order to get get rid and possibly capture one of these pests we must have plans of action.
  • Reduce standing water
  • Use bug lights
  • Apply effective mosquito repellants