JCFA Student Services

August 2013 Newsletter (Student Resource Edition!)

Daily Schedule

  • 8:30am Students may begin to arrive on campus
  • 8:55am First Bell
  • 9:00am First Period Classes
  • 10:14am Second Period Classes
  • 11:28am Break
  • 11:33am Third Period Classes
  • 12:47pm Dismissal (break time for those banking)
  • 1:00pm Banking
  • 2:14pm Dismissal from banking

Accessing Students Progress


Be on the look out for an email from Mr. Webster regarding Edgenuity access. Remember that you can access your student's progress in his/her courses through Edgenuity. Please contact Mr. Webster directly if you have any questions about Edgenuity (kwame.webster@jcfa.us).

What if my Student is strugling?

Faculty Contact Information

If you are concerned about your student's progress in a course, please contact the faculty member in that subject area directly. You may leave a message for the faculty member to return your call at 504-410-3280 or you may email the faculty member directly. Remember, faculty are in class from 9:00am to 2:14pm, so they may not be able to respond right away.

Tutoring and Banking Time

All students should take advantage of our after-school tutoring and banking program. Our tutoring and banking hours are 1:00pm-2:14pm, Monday-Thursday. English and Social Studies faculty are available during banking on Mondays and Wednesdays, while Math and Science faculty are available during banking on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Students are welcome to stay and work on any course during banking. Benefits of banking include:
  1. Building an attendance "savings account"--We recommend that all students have 15 class periods banked at all times to account for emergencies and other attendance issues that arise.
  2. Making progress in courses--Banking allows students to complete courses and move through the curriculum faster.
  3. Receiving help--Banking is a perfect time to work with faculty in areas where students believe they are struggling or behind. Please encourage your student to ask for help!

Student Opportunities and Outreach

JCFA Student Calendar

One of our priorities is exposing students to guest speakers from both the college and career world. Most of these activities/events will take place during banking time. For a current schedule of events please review the JCFA Student Activities Calendar.

If you know of anyone who might be interested in speaking to our students about college and/or career opportunities, please contact Natalie Istre (natalie.istre@jcfaeast.us).

Who you gonna call?


Remember that 504-410-3280 is the main school phone number. Don't know who you need to talk to? Refer to our handy troubleshooter below:

Accommodations (IAPs/IEPs) -- Patricia Blanchard
Admissions -- AK Lene

Attendance -- Dee Shall

Course Questions -- See faculty list above

Edgenuity -- Kwame Webster

Graduation Requirements -- Natalie Istre

Schedule (daily schedule, holidays, etc.) -- Dee Shall

Upcoming Events/Important Dates

  • 8/9 No school (professional development day for teachers)
  • 8/22 CSoC Community and Family Team Meeting (details can be found on school calendar)
  • 9/7 Labor Day (no school)
  • 9/30 Ben Franklin College Fair 6-8pm

Refer a Student

Do you know a student who might thrive at JCFA? Forward them our website along with the link to our application!