And How is it Produced

What is Hydro-Electricity?

What is hydro-electricity? Hydro-electricity is electricity which is produced from water. Hence the meaning of hydro. How does water make energy? You may ask - well this process is very similar to which of the coal fired power plant, except there is no coal in the process.

How is it Generated?

Unlike coal generated electricity, hydro-electricity is not generated at a station - most of the time hydro-electricity is generated at a flowing source of water. Water flows rapidly down a river or other source and eventually reaches a turbine. At that point the water will end up turning the turbine which is where the similarities start. The turbine will be connected to a generator with a shaft or axle and that generator will provide electricity.

Advantages and Disadvantages


-This method of electricity generation does not waste fossil fuels

-Most of the construction is made naturally

-It is energy efficient and does not waste energy to make energy


-It requires a dam for the process

-Construction of the dam costs lots of money

-It may overflow or flood

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