Mrs. Kirchner's 3rd Grade Leaders

February 1, 2016

Welcome February!

I hope that your families have enjoyed your Sunday! We had a great day on Saturday and accomplished so much! I was pleased to have perfect attendance on Saturday! I am thankful that we are going to have warm weather this next week because I am ready for a full, productive week!

Welcome Emma!

We have been charmed with a new student this week! She has already been a true asset to our class and we are thankful that we get the rest of the year to get to know her! Welcome to the class Emma!


I am beyond delighted to begin looking at more poetry this week! The last time we dived into the world of Shel Silverstein we discovered that poetry can be entertaining and a lot of fun to read! I was eager to get started so we analyzed a few poems on Saturday! There are no words to express how impressed I was with them! They were thinking very deeply about the author's purpose for line breaks, punctuation and word choice! It was very exciting and I look forward to this upcoming week!

Math: Division

Yes, we have entered the world of division and it has been challenging! However, I know that with a iittle more time they will begin making the connection to their multiplication facts. I was already seeing the lightbulb click for some later in the week. Do you remember when we went to school and we were only asked to solve a problem? Yes, well those days are in the past. Now, not only can they solve the problem, they can CREATE a problem! They were creating story problems for mulitiplication this past week and they were doing a wonderful job! We are now making the same attempt with division; however we are struggling with this concept. The great thing about them creating is the knowledge it gives me as their teacher. I know that once they are able to create a problem, they have a deeper understanding of the math; therefore the solving part is much easier. I invite you to ask them to write a story problem about something that is related to your own family or interest. I think you will be impressed with their higher level of thinking! I know I am proud of them!

Please keep practicing multiplication facts at home. This can even be done in the car on the way home, or for a few minutes in the evening. We will begin with "mixed" quizzes this week. Also, on Saturday they recored the 3rd grade academic goal for this year in their Leadership Notebook. Their goal is to reach at least 90% accuracy with their multiplication facts by June 1, 2016. The tests will have 100 facts on it and they are given 10 minutes. We will be tracking this data weekly, so they can celebrate their accomplishments each week! We discussed that they are not to get discouraged if they don't reach 90% accuracy on the first few tests. We have a goal for the first of June; therefore improvement each week is the key to reaching this goal!


We are beginning our Force and Motion unit this week! I know they are going to learn so much and enjoy all the hands-on activities! Thank you again to all that contributed supplies for these activities! It is appreciated!!

2nd Nine Weeks Plotthound Pack Recipients!

Kyleigh Acosta

Lillian Case

Evan Conner

Kenzie Cook

Alicia Davis

Addison Goodman

Kaitlyn Huston

TJ Phillips

Chloe Shelton

Cooper Williamson

Thank you for all that you do as leaders!

How Do I Become a Plotthound Pack Recipient?


Follow the rules. Do what your teachers asks the 1st time. Be responsible for your own actions & choices. Plan ahead & set goals. Make a difference.

ATTENDANCEPut First Things First
No more than 3 excused absences, 2 checkouts, or 2 tardies. (Any unexcused absence, checkout or tardy disqualifies you). Spend time on things most important. Be disciplined and organized. Make a schedule and follow the plan.

Look for positive alternatives in conflict. Demonstrate consideration for others. Look others in the eyes when talking to them. Be polite and respectful to everyone.

Get along well with others, even people who are different than you. Work well in groups. Take care of yourself, eat right, and exercise. Create solutions not problems.

Lunch Menu

I do not have an upadate for the lunch this week, or this month. I am hopeful that I will get a new calendar tomorrow. I will send an emai with this week's choices as soon as I know!


Tuesday, Feb. 2nd, 9:30am

1111 Plott Creek Road

Waynesville, NC

Wear tennis shoes!

Wendy's Night

Tuesday, Feb. 2nd, 6pm

Russ Avenue

Waynesville, NC

Come to Wendys to help support our school!

Awards Program

Friday, Feb. 5th, 1:30pm

1111 Plott Creek Road

Waynesville, NC

The awards program for the 2nd Nine Weeks is this Friday. It is at 1:30 in the gym. I will send an email to you on Monday to let you know if you should be present for the program.

Sock Hop (Thinking Ahead)

Friday, Feb. 12th, 6pm

1111 Plott Creek Road

Waynesville, NC

The Sock Hop is coming up soon!!!

Mrs. Kirchner's Contact Information

As always, I am here!