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What is a Google Meet?

Google Hangouts Meet (not to be confused with Google Hangouts, the consumer version of this) is the virtual meeting product of Google. You are able to host up to 250 people in the same meeting, have individual participants ask questions and interact throughout either by voice or by chat. You can share links, your desktop, and even participants can share their desktops while the meeting is happening. It's a great tool, similar in many ways to Zoom and Webex, which you may be familiar with.

Check out the information below to learn more about how you can easily host your own Google Meets to have virtual check in or informational sessions with your colleagues, students, and their families!

New Video Conferencing Experience with Hangouts Meet | The G Suite Show

Hosting a Google Meet

Hosting a Google Meet

Google Meet Hosting Guide

Check Your Skills!

Click the image below to load the Google Meet task cards. You'll be guided through setting up a Google Meet and explore the various features that are covered in detail in the above video and guide.

Help for Participants

The below infographic is a great guide to help your participants understand how to participate effectively. I've also included a GIF that you can display as your meeting is getting started to remind participants of positive participation.