Tech Tip Tuesday

24 February 2015

Sharing classrooms? Have a personal and a work Google account?

Did you know you can toggle between accounts easily in Chrome? Check out the quick video below to add a person to Chrome. Then, teachers can toggle between personal and work accounts. Or, if you share a room, you can toggle between the accounts for each teacher. (I created the video below, but here's another that I just found on a blog I follow. It's just another quick illustration of how it works.)
Toggle Between Google Accounts (great if you share rooms)

Google Chrome Gradebook Extension

Alice Keeler has created a cool Chrome extension to automatically split your screen so you can grade student work online side by side with IC. This would also be great to quickly take attendance without losing what you're working on in another screen. Check out her post with printed instructions, and see the video below for a quick tutorial.

Add the Gradebook Extension to Chrome

See How to Add the Extension: Video Tutorial


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