middle school worst year of my life

by: James Patterson

by: chance subsinsky

James Patterson

James Patterson is a type of author that makes funny fiction books. James writes adult and children's books, that doesn't happen all the time.


Rafe is a young kid in middle school trying to be popular. Rafe makes a list of points to get in school. Rafe starts by pulling a fire alarm at a assembly. Later in the book he keeps getting in trouble and failing class. At the end of the book he get in a police car twice in one day.

Conflict and Resolved

There is a fight at the end of the book. Rafe sees his soon to be dad was near his mom. Rafe mom was on the floor outside in pain. Then Rafe calls the police and the ambulance. The police took carl to jail and Rafe mom to the hospital.


Rafe is the main character. hHe is a young boy trying yo popular in school. He is thirteen years old lives with his mom and soon to be stepdad.


Miller is the bully in the story. in his picture he looks like he has been that grade for a while.