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Early Life

William Shakespeare was born near April 23rd, 1564. He lived 103 miles west from London and had a big family. Shakespeare was the third Child of John Shakespeare, who was a leather merchant, and Mary Arden, a landed heiress. He had 2 older sisters, Joan and Judith, and 3 younger Brothers, Gilbert, Richard, and Edmund. "The course of true love never did run smooth."

William Shakespeare

Life In London

Houses we clammed together, it smelled horrible, but the positive parts were going to the theatre and watching plays and the city was exposed to plays, painters, and writers. There were 3 main theatre companies in London, The Children of St. Paul's, The Chapel Children, and The Children of the King's Revels, but William was apart of a company named The Lord Chamberlain's Men.


Elizabethan Era

Shakespeare lived during the Elizabethan Era, a time of theatre and happiness. Elizabeth I became the Queen of England in 1558, six years before Shakespeare's birth. Queen Elizabeth recognized the importance of arts, and theatre and made it a big part of England's daily life. With her permission, there was many professional theater's built attracted 15,000 people a week to see these plays.
William Shakespeare - Mini Biography