Savannah River Basin

by: Emy Rodas

Basic Facts

Location: Savannah River, South Carolina

Major City: Savannah (several smaller surrounding cities)

Counties located in Savannah River: 4

Native Plants

Rocky Shoals spider Lily- Known as the Cahaba Lily
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Wild Cocoa Tree- known as Theobrama Cocoa
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False Rue Anemone- known as Rue Anemone
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Native Animals

Speckled King- known as Lampropeltis Getula Holbrooki
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Flatwoods Salamander- Known as Ambystoma Cingulatum
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Striped Newt- Also known as Notophthlamus Perstriatus
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Water Quality of Savannah River Basin

- One-fourth of its stream segments are managed by the state to maintain their exceptional water quality

- Rain and melting snow pick up eroded sediments, pesticides, fertilizers and road salts and carry them to streams and lakes.

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Water Pollution

- Paved and unpaved roads and developed areas is an emerging threat to water quality

- Alteration of natural areas may damage wildlife habitat and harm surrounding waters.

Fun Fact!!

The Savanna River Basin is 10,577 square miles: 5,821 square miles in eastern Georgia, 4,581 square miles in western South Carolina and 175 square miles in southwestern North Carolina.