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Graeme White of Canbet prides himself on two things: his long career and his well-established professionalism. When customers and business partners deal with Graeme White of Canbet, they know they will be getting a professional who works hard. Throughout his long and storied career, Graeme White of Canbet has proved himself a professional, knowledgeable, and outstanding person to work with.

Graeme White of Canbet - The Rules of Cricket

Cricket is one of the world’s oldest yet most complex sports; as well as one of Graeme White of Canbet’s favorites. It is celebrated throughout much of the world, however in Australia and New Zealand it is much more popular. The game has elements of many other professional sports, however lacks enough similarities with any of them to be compared to a single one. And in that, cricket is an especially unique sport that is as timeless as it is enjoyable.

Below, Graeme White of Canbet shares his knowledge on one of his most favorite sports to watch, so that those who are unfamiliar with cricket can be familiar with the basic and rules and terminology related to the sport, so that they can engage with others the next time they are at a game or watching from the stools of a pub.

For starters, a cricket field is known as a “ground.” Eleven players from each team occupy this ground throughout the game. Scoring can be compared to that of baseball, as in the batsmen are often the center influence around the gaining or non-gaining of points. If a team is “bowled out,” it means that the batsmen have been ousted for that inning. There are two innings in each match, where each team gets a turn at bat. There are no time limits to these innings, so the batting team must be bowled out for the other team to rotate into bat. This means that at times cricket matches last for days, where the time limit then becomes five days. The other exception would be where a team scores at least 200 more runs than the other team, which would force a batting rotation.

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The History of the Football World Cup and Graeme White of Canbet

Football, known in some parts of the world as soccer, has always been a favorite of Graeme White of Canbet. This is partially because the game is so much fun to watch, but also because of the history behind it and its famous World Cup. Both the game and its storied past have kept Graeme White from Canbet interested for a lifetime. So, just where and how did the FIFA World Cup start?

The very first competition at an international level was played in Glasgow in 1872 between Britain and Scotland. The match was a 0 – 0 draw, so no one won the game. Years later, in 1884, the first edition of the British Home Championship took place. Graeme White of Canbet often amuses himself by looking through pictures of early players and comparing them to the players of today.

It took a little while for the sport to take off in the other parts of the world and for many years was only seen as a demonstration sport in the Summer Olympics with no medals given. But, once FIFA was founded in 1904, things started to slowly take off, says Graeme White of Canbet. The first several attempts to start an international, professional competition for football flopped and it wasn't until 10 years later that FIFA found success in the Olympic Games.

That was the momentum FIFA needed to successfully have a Wold Cup event, which was hosted in Uruguay 14 years later. It may have had a slow start, says Graeme White of Canbet, but football became increasingly popular once people realized the potential of a professional competition between nations. The World Cup has been immensely popular ever since.

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Graeme White of Canbet Explains Why You Should Travel for Work

Traveling for work has allowed Graeme White of Canbet many opportunities that he would have missed had he just stayed home. And this extends beyond the chance to sneak in a little relaxing in a new city. Traveling for work has given Graeme White, from Canbet, numerous chances to expand his business reach and his understanding of gaming consultation.

Networking with other people in the field is one of the best ways to ensure that a business stays busy and current. While it has proven profitable in Australia, where Graeme White of Canbet resides, it has been even more so to network abroad. It does no one any good to confine a customer base to one city, region, or even country when many more can be reached all over the world.

Graeme White, from Canbet, has also been able to learn a lot more about his field through traveling for business. It is well-known that each country has a different way of doing things, for the most part, and it is invaluable to be able to seek a new perspective on an old process. It may even turn out that someone living somewhere else has coming up with a more effective way to complete a task or that you are the one who is able to teach them a better way to do something. Traveling for work, in this sense, ends up being mutually beneficial, says Graeme White of Canbet.

For these reasons, and others, Graeme White of Canbet suggests taking any offer to see the world and meet new people offered to you through work.

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Hosting a Party to Watch Sports with Graeme White of Canbet

One of the things Canbet's Graeme White likes the most about sports is that no matter what season it is, there is always something good to watch. And the best way to do that is to watch with family and friends, enjoying a fun day together. When Graeme White of Canbet hosts a sports gathering, he likes to keep guests fed and entertained during the commercials. Graeme White of Canbet offers these tips to have a good party.

Offer a Good Spread. It isn't necessary to have a full meal planned out, especially if the game falls between normal eating hours, but it is nice to keep guests from snacking on your food in the fridge. Graeme White of Canbet tries to accommodate everyone by having food for meat eaters, vegetarians, and those with food allergies on hand so no one feels left out.

Play Your Own Game. Either during commercials or even the game itself, Graeme White of Canbet likes to have games for his guests to play. They can be something as simple as a board game or as complicated as a game directly related to the sport being watched. This way, guests can enjoy each other as much as they enjoy the game itself.

Keep the Kids Occupied. It can be distracting to have kids running around or constantly asking questions during plays, so keep them entertained in their own part of the living room or house. Make sure they are chaperoned, of course, but allowing them their own space and activities will make everyone happier. Graeme White of Canbet sets up an area specifically for children with coloring activities, a video, and healthy snacks during his parties.

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Graeme White of Canbet on Going to the Caribbean for Business

Graeme White of Canbet has been to the Caribbean multiple times, but usually for business. While it is nice to be able to go to meetings or meet new clients in a different setting, there usually isn’t a lot of time to take in the scenery or relax. Graeme White of Canbet suggests there are several ways in which you might be able to sneak a little vacation in between work hours!

Try to get up early - much earlier than necessary to make it to the first business part of the day. A great way to start the day is to take in the sunrise, sampling local produce for breakfast. During this time, Graeme White of Canbet avoids checking email or texts so he can enjoy the solitude. Suggest to other business associates or clients to meet or have lunch outside. Set up under a cabana to discuss new policies or sign contracts. It might not be considered professional to be wearing swim trunks, says Graeme White of Canbet, but at least fresh air and music will reach you.

Schedule your flights to arrive very early on the first day and leave very late on the last day. Even if the business trip is short, it's possible to have some fun after or before flights. Be sure to choose your flights to afford you the most time to take a drive, swim, or just sip a drink in a beach chair like Graeme White of Canbet does. With these tips in hand, a business trip can indeed become a mini vacation!

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Traveling Asia with Graeme White of Canbet

As a gaming consultant with 35 years experience in his field, Graeme White of Canbet has been able to travel all over the world. One of his favorite places is to go is Asia. Everything about the culture, from the food to the music, is completely different from his life at home, although Graeme White of Canbet has learned that many people in Asia do share his love of sports. Here are some suggestions for having a great trip to Asia.

Pick a Place that Interests You. Asia is composed of several different countries and, therefore, several distinct cultures. When planning your trip, be sure to pick a place that has the most interest for you. Maybe Japan with its bright cities and misty mountains, or China with its long history and delicious food, is more your style. Graeme White likes to mix it up when he visits and go to a different part of Asia each time he visits.

Keep Up with the News. As with any country you visit, keep an eye on the news for any holidays, political changes, travel changes, or any sign of unrest you might encounter while traveling to Asia, says Graeme White of Canbet. It would not make for a good trip to end up in an area dealing with problems or major changes.

Graeme White of Canbet has enjoyed going to Asia for business and pleasure many times over the last 35 years. It has offered Canbet's Graeme White the priceless opportunity to learn about new people and places and learn to love new cultures. When traveling to this beautiful part of the world, be sure to make it fun and memorable, no matter the reason you are going.

Graeme White of Canbet - The Rules of Tennis

Graeme White Canbet is a tennis enthusiast who enjoys the sport from both a spectator standpoint as well as a player. He likes the competition on the clay and embraces it as a fun way to exercise. These days he is much more of a watcher of the sport, and always finds the time to catch all of the world’s most high-profile events. Below, he shares some of his wisdom on the rules of the sport.

First, the game can either be played with one player on each side or two players on each side. Each player has a tennis racquet and there is only one ball in play at a time. One player is assigned to serve throughout a game. A game ends when the player or players from one side score four or more goals and are at least two points ahead of the opposing side. Once one side has won at least six games and is at least two games ahead of the opponent that is the end of a set. A match is won through one of the teams winning the most sets, like in a “best of five” scenario, for example.

The game is played on a rectangular clay court with lines drawn over and a standing net in the middle. The ball must make it over the net in order to get to the opponent’s side, and then it is only allowed to bounce once on that side. The opposing player must then return it by hitting the ball within the lines back on the other side.

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