Mrs. McKibben's Classroom Spotlight

By Mrs.McKibben's Kindergarten Class

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Mrs. McKibben

By: Jay & Shanvika

She is nice and has 1 cat. Ms. McKibben gives us good math questions and she will play with us at play time.

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Shanvika - I like writing about what my friends are doing and what we are playing.

Kamakshi - I like to write "how to" books and real books. I'm writing how to make peanut butter & jelly sandwiches.

Vihaan - I like to put pictures in books when I write stories.

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By Maddie

I am learning how to read. I am learning "I'm running, I'm jumping, I'm sleeping, I'm skipping." I have school books and at home. I have the monster book at school and at home.

By Likith

I like drawing and spelling. I am learning sounds. A for apple and ABC's. I read books on SORA. I read the Polar Bear book on SORA.

By Kaushik

I like to read about fireflies. I like that they fly with bright yellow on their backs.

By Akshaya

I like to read with Ms. McKibben and friends. My favorites books are about princesses and dolphins.

By Kamakshi

I like to read fiction and non-fiction. Princess books are my favorite to read.

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Our Class

By Shanvika

I like the color of our classroom, because blue is my favorite color.

By Kaushik

I would like to be with the same friends from this class when I grow up.

By Akshaya

I like the classroom because Ms. McKibben listens to what we say.

By Vihaan

Ms. McKibben gave a tour to me of the classroom via Zoom and told me all the other student's names.

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By Adam

We do 1 +1 = 2. We do a lot of math teams. Math makes you smart.

By Cesar

We do numbers. We subtract numbers and we add numbers.

By Kaushik

I like to do adding & subtracting. I like to do math with my dad.

By Akshaya

I like working with big #'s --- 10+10+10 = 30

By Kamakshi

I like multiplying and adding big #'s.

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Recess & Fun

By Avery

I play with friends. We use to play Sonic and now we play Pokemon. All the game we play we run.

By Ollie

I like that we can run around with my best friend. We play zombie games and everybody is scared of me. Yesterday we played Pikachu.

By Rowan

I like recess and playing. We can play fire vs. ice games. I like to play with other kids.

By Maddie

I like painting. I like painting flowers and hearts. I painted a huge flower and painted me on a little one. I really like painting stuff for my mom.

By Cesar

We have play bags and there is play dough in there.

By Alexa

I play with my red play dough. I like to play house outside. I like to eat.

By Jay

I like playing and play dough.

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The School Bus

by Kai

My favorite part of school is the school bus. It has a thing down by the wheels that pops out. There is a skylight that pops out on the top of the roof and you can see outside.

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