The Gemini Star Constellaion

By:Madison Dukes

What is the gemini star constellation?

The Gemini is actually a zodiac symbol which helps you see your horoscope and it depends on your birthday to pick your zodiac symbol. The Gemini is also a star Constellation it was there before we found the zodiac symbols actually the star constellations created zodiac symbols and there are Cancers,Geminis,Taurus,Aries,Pisces,Aquarius,Capricorn,Sagittarius,Scorpio,Libra,Virgo,Leo so 12 zodiac symbols in all and a star constellation for each one. The picture down below is all the zodiac symbols.
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The word Gemini as in the constellation is Latin for twins which is the Gemini zodiac symbols picture. In order to be a Gemini u must have a birthday in between may 21-June 21.


the stars in the Gemini star constellation are Pollux and caster and Alhena and Gemini these stars are the main stars in this constellation.
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