by Jerry Spinelli

by Annabelle


Loser is a good book.The author is Jerry Spinelli.He was born in Norristown,PA,US.He liked to play baseball.When he was little he wanted to be a cowboy.He lives in Phoenixville,PA,US right now.Some of his books are The Library Card and Report to the Principal's office.

Favorite parts and connections

My favorite part is when Zinkoff tried to find the girl and wearing a tall giraffe hat to school.A book I read that is similar is Among the Hidden.It is similar because people did't like others.A movie that is similar is Horrid Henry because people didn't like Zinkoff and people don't like Henry.My little sister,when she was in preschool at my old school this little boy kept on being mean to her just like Zinkoff.


The main character is Donald Zinkoff.On his first day of kindergarden he gets in trouble.His teacher Ms. Meeks tried to give him hard punishments ,but Zinkoff thought it was fun.The setting is at school and Zinkoff's house.Zinkoff wanted to be a popular kid ,but he tried and everyone didn't pay attention even more so when he started middle school he made a couple of friends.Then when it snowed and he walked by Claudia's house their were sirens and saw she was missing and looked all night until in the morning his sister told him she got found at 8;00.Will Zinkoff ever be popular or stay a loser?

Recommend this book

I would recommend this book because it is good,but not my favorite.Also I would recommend this book because it was interesting and a little funny.